A Personal Message, Family Blessings

by | 14 Feb, 2018

Happy 2018 to you all. We received guidance on Mission day last October to focus this year on creative contentment. How is that going for you?

My year started with a lot of joy and energy, with a wonderful week teaching very eager and beautiful people in China. It never ceases to amaze me how all of our life experiences weave together in our missions.  All my years as a trial lawyer where I learned how to best work with interpreters to interview people and give evidence in court, was invaluable when delivering a seminar in China. We are looking forward to returning to China during the year.

Then, there were two amazing retreats in India, one in Rishikesh and one in Peedam. It was so rich, I will write separate letters about them.

On the second last day of the retreat in Peedam, I learned that my son who was doing work experience in Adelaide, had been rushed to hospital with a burst appendix, which is a serious situation.  This was terribly worrying as it would be for any mum, made worse because I was half a world away. The wonderful Kali Dass with whom William was staying took care of everything, the medical team were great, and his work placement team were also amazing, visiting him regularly before I was able to arrive some days later. What a blessing.

Back at the ashram, as soon as we heard the news, Parvati and I gave Will a healing, giving me cause once again to thank God for the gift of energy healing.

Before there was much time for thought, the annual birthday celebration of Big Narayani temple began, and towards the end of it Amma blessed me with an invitation to come right into the inner sanctum with Amma and the priests while the final offerings were made.

The goddess startled me by speaking loudly in my head, telling me to pay attention. I apologized and said I was a bit preoccupied because William was so ill. I heard Narayani say She would give William a healing and repeated that I should pay attention. So I did. And had one of the most amazing spiritual experiences ever.

Being so close to the water pouring ceremony, I was covered in the zinging blessed water. I felt a rumbling energy deep in the Earth, it seemed as though the Shakti of the entire planet was activated by the ceremony. The vibration of Aum reverberating through me as part of the Earth, and specific blessings from Mother Durga – it was indescribable.

After it was over, I scanned William’s chakras. They resembled the energy field of a great Rishi, huge, strong and streaming with energy, not the energy field of someone in agony awaiting surgery. If I had not learned to scan energy, I would never have had this clear confirmation of the Divine working in my life to profoundly help my beautiful son. So, I did what any sane person would do, I sat down and had a good cry!

The next day we began the journey home to Sydney, where I hopped straight onto a plane for Adelaide, and I was there for 10 days, helping William with a complicated recovery. In my heart it seems that Narayani had saved his life. Om Namo Narayani!

With all that, I succumbed to bronchitis, which is my old nemesis.  Also, my voice has virtually disappeared and so it will be some days yet before I am back into the swing of things.

All of this has put a bit of a dint in my plans, and has prolonged the Shanti Mission annual cash flow dip, which occurs over Christmas and January when many people are away.  Our devotees are so sweet and kind, many have said to me let us know how we can help. Here are three ideas.

Firstly, if you could help with financial donations and contribute additional funds to Friends of Shanti Mission for the next few weeks it would be greatly appreciated. As I found out, you never know when you need the extra power – so it’s good to pay the Divine power bill!

Secondly, I know that Narayani healed my son, and I want to share that level of blessings with Shanti Mission devotees. I have a vision of a hundred people in Australia sponsoring a Family Blessings Puja on behalf of their families.  It will be $198 per family (rather than the usual $333 for full moon). To book, visit the Puja Sponsorship page.

A hundred rose quartz crystals will be blessed during this ceremony and distributed to sponsors, to hold the energy of Divine grace beaming it out for the cultivation of healing love and protection for the family. Doing it together multiplies the energy.  You don’t even have to be there in person for the vast results that flow, and your relatives don’t need to attend either to get the benefit.

May the Divine blessings flow in all of our lives in our times of need. Breathe in, and receive Narayani’s blessing.


Shakti Durga



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