A Story Of Family Blessings

by | 7 Mar, 2018

We had such an amazing ceremony last Friday when we had our first ever family puja at the full moon, asking for the blessings of the Goddess upon us and our loved ones.  Below is a letter from my cousin Devaki Ma as to the effect this puja had for her family. So amazing, and thanks for sharing Devaki Ma.

Our next puja on Easter Saturday will be for spiritual illumination and liberation. More on that later, and in Winter we will do another family puja – for obvious reasons!

Please share your stories with us, as we love to acknowledge and join in celebration with you.

Lots of love,

Shakti Durga

#Family puja
I just wanted to let you all know how grateful my family is to our community. Sunday morning I got a msg while getting ready for Satsang yesterday at the abode .The msg said my daughters defacto has had a car accident and the car is a right off . I then found out he got out of it with a little whiplash and a chemical burn from the airbag on his wrist . The car blew a back tyre going 80 km on a country road and hit the guard rail straight on and pulled it off 5 posts into the road and the car ended up sitting on the posts .The front of the car exploded and the rego plate ended up on the other side of the road and the bumper bar the other side. The drivers door has huge gauges in it .The police thought there would be blood or a fatality and one police officer didn’t belief he was driving and the other one had to point out the burn from the airbag . I arrived at Satsang very stressed and kinda angry and bawling my eyes out and during the meditation I was shown a clear vision of Amma sitting on the roof of the car and guidance said he was surrounded by Angels. After seeing the pictures and talking to Pete I realised how lucky he was and blessed we are and how much Durga is protecting us. So I thought I would let you awesome people know we had a miracle happen 2 days after I sponsored my family and extended family AND they have already been given another car . Om guru, om namo Narayani.



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