The Elements of Western Mysticism

“The Elements are not merely symbols or abstract concepts but rather they are the vital forces that make up the entire realm of creation that can be perceived by the physical senses.  They are the foundation of all occult sciences including astrology, alchemy and tarot.”  Shakti Durga

As Spiritual Alchemists we need to cultivate a deep understanding of the Elements of Creation and how they operate within our lives. Through this understanding we are able to work in concert with Creation to bring about internal and external transformation in our lives and thus co-creating a world that resonates with Love and brings about our enlightenment.

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Western Mysteries

Alchemy Shakti Durga

In this series we will:


  • Learn about each of the elements and their properties;
  • Learn how to work with them to build altars and talismans that will focus energy for protection, healing and manifesting;
  • Use items from nature such as crystals and shells etc, along with other items to create spiritual power tools;
  • Explore working in concert with the seasons and other cycles;
  • Explore working with some of the planets.
The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga 2

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