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Alchemy is the art and science of transformation. 

It is a process by which certain things are combined, and through the operation of an often fiery process, they are transformed into something else. Cooking a cake is an example of alchemy. The sugar, butter, eggs, and flour when combined and placed in the oven magically turns into a cake. It doesn’t look a bit like the ingredients from which it was made. Yet they are all in there, and it would not have been possible if any of them had been omitted, or the fire had not been hot enough.

Diamonds are created through the alchemical process of millions of years of heat and pressure, which turn rotting vegetation firstly into coal and then into the hard brilliance of diamonds.

Alchemy also occurs inside of us. Alchemy describes the processes used in spiritual training which enable personal growth and self-realization. You can also stumble across alchemy by yourself because the entire process of life is designed to be alchemical.

Every problem you face, every choice that you have to make could place you in the fire of alchemy. Do you choose the easiest path or the noblest one? There might be fire or self sacrifice involved in being honest when others are not, being compassionate when you have been feeling judgmental, forgiving when your instinct is to lash out mentally, verbally or even physically in return.

As your whole life is your immersive spiritual path of self realization, be interested and curious about it and don’t let yourself become a victim to it. With a little imagination and inner guidance you can lift, change, adapt and manifest in ways you never thought you could. Whatever your given circumstances might be, weave them into something marvelous. In the process you will be transformed.

The fire of alchemy is blazing in you now as it always is because within you is a living fiery spirit. What puts out the fire is our own stubbornness, rigidity, failure to recognize opportunities and resistance to inner transformation

By whatever means feels right to you, discover how you can release the fear of being powerless. Release any resistance to inner transformation and illumination.  Use the natural power of inner spiritual alchemy to enhance your life and spirit in wonderful ways. Like coal turning into a diamond, even the heat and pressure of the issues and challenges of life is useful to us, so don’t let it crush you. Dive into the wellspring of Eternal hope and release your expectations of how you thought it would be. Sugar never thought it would be a cake, a tree never expected to become coal let alone a diamond. We are all transforming, so go with the flow. Resistance just makes it harder.

– Shakti Durga –

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