Feeling Angry And Powerless

by | 14 Aug, 2020

Sacred Activism

When we become outraged about a situation that is evolving in the world, like deforestation and oceans being polluted, it is easy to forget our spiritual training, and even how to hold a vision of a higher reality. Our personal ethics and morality can be tested as we sometimes behave in precisely the ways that we would abhor in others. We become judgmental and blaming. Even people who are usually loving resort to name calling and shaming. Our anger and sometimes even hate can emanate from us, sinking our vibration like a stone and adding more dense energy to the clouds of darkness that already pervade the consciousness of arenas of challenge and difficulty. One of those arenas is the way in which we care for, or rather we have neglected, to ensure that Earth has clean water, clean air and clean soil.

In my last article we looked at what sacred activism is and here we will look at what it is not.

Sacred activism is NOT:

  1. An opportunity to dump, rant, blame and demonise people. It’s not about becoming a zealous crusader who sees enemies and demons everywhere. We lose our normal human kindness and compassion working in that way. It doesn’t help the issue and builds more ill feeling.
  2. It’s not about pacifism. Working in the inner sanctums of love based spiritual potency is an effective way to serve and make a difference
  3. It’s not political. Politics divides. We work in a way which brings unity and builds bridges across party lines. We utilise the spirit that’s already inside of us, to bring common intention to create clean water, clean soil and clean air.
  4. It is not to be used in isolation. When we do this work on the inner plane, it’s important to make changes on the outer plane too. To look at what we can do in our own physical and attitudinal lives to support the work we’re doing on the inner plane.

Sacred activism is challenging because venting is so seductive! We love to complain and see the problem as being ‘Out There’.

Working with light and love to effect positive change is likely to require a lot of us personally. Our aim is to work through our anger and then to work steadily and constructively towards our goals, taking others on a journey with us towards something that we can all relate to.

We know that people are resistant to change. Truth be told, most of us are. We can raise our vibration to find doorways to a better future that we never knew were there.

See how different you feel when we lift our lives individually and collectively and emanate the codes of light for a new and brighter future world.

If you are interested in healing the environment through your spirituality, I have recorded some meditations on my Facebook Page that you can do, you can find the first one here. Or if you are interested in healing other issues, click here to find a list of meditations to help heal the astral field around politics and the health system.

Shakti Durga also runs a seminar called Sacred Activism where you can learn how to apply Lightworker tools to chosen issues to effect powerful and positive change.



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