Another Fast

by | 25 Nov, 2016

Hi, well I gave another fast a go this week, and to my amazement I found it even easier than the first time. I had dinner Sunday night, then didn’t eat until quite late Monday night, and frankly, would not have minded whether I ate or not. And I had a really busy day, but did not feel tired.

I think that the 24 hour fast is helping my body to absorb the large amounts of Shakti that are my spiritual diet, and so I will do another one next Monday.

Venkateshwara Vishaka, my Yogi friend, said I should do it breakfast to breakfast instead of dinner to dinner, which makes sense, so providing I remember, that’s what I will do.

If I told myself that this was a diet, I am sure I would last about an hour. But as a spiritual exercise, it seems effortless. Who’d have thought?

Blessings, Shakti Durga

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