Anzac Day

by | 24 Apr, 2014

Today we observed Anzac Day at the Shanti Mission Abode of Peace ashram in Cooranbong. We asked for blessings upon all of the people who work to ensure the safety and security that we sometimes take for granted in our lives. We also explored the notion that soldiers and police would have a lot less work to do if we all embodied the highest spiritual attributes of love, peace, forgiveness, gratitude and the will to do good.

Even amongst the best of people, misunderstandings can lead to conflict. Something trivial can start a very large argument or even estrangement from family or friends. As light-workers we can learn to transmute and nullify the energy of conflict. Instead of it floating around the world, merging with all the other conflict energy of other people of the planet, and coalescing like a big cloud we can disintegrate it bit by bit by concerted effort. This way the energy clears harmlessly through spiritual practices, pujas, rituals and ceremonies, instead of having to clear by being discharged like lightning in a storm, causing cathartic world events, and in some cases: war.

We did a meditation where we went into our hearts, through the vortex which joins us into the Universe, and recollected all of the little fragments of anger, judgment, blame, greed, rage, entitlement and ego that we have scattered about, either consciously or unconsciously. It was all put onto a sacred golden plate, courtesy of the Christ consciousness, which neutralised the energy and converted into a liquid golden light, the grace of peace.

After collecting all of this energy we then came into the Earth from above in our light form, and poured the transmuted energy of peace onto everyone who is connected to a major world conflict, regardless of which side they are on. It felt amazing.

Blessings upon our armed forces, and upon all those who have given their lives to protect others. May we always have gratitude for their incredible efforts, for their courage and bravery in the face of unthinkable hostility and danger.

Om Shanti,
Shakti Durga



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