Becoming a Guru: 6 Years On

by | 16 Nov, 2012

Six years ago I experienced an epiphany, an opening of the inner world into the outer world, through which I realized my name was Shakti Durga and that I had several jobs to do.

I was to serve as a Guru, take a lot of disciples, (the first being Parvati Sundari who was initiated as disciple that very day) train them and educate western people about the benefits of discipleship for those who choose a mystical and experiential spiritual path. Above all, I was to teach people practical, multi-dimensional methods to be at peace internally, in their relationships and in the world.

On 28 October 2006 I walked into the classroom at our ashram in Cooranbong to teach a new workshop called Life Beyond Form. A vortex of light opened above me, and I could see Angels, ascended Masters and light matrixes. The new lesson plan went right out the window as the Divine took over! There was tremendous energy and bliss, and very powerful blessings were given to the 40 people who were in class with me that day. Many of them told me that they too could see the beings of light in the room with us. It was vast, euphoric and humbling at the same time.

I felt overwhelmed when the Guru task was given, as it felt enormous. I parented my inner child and got on with it. And happily, I remembered that one cannot be a Guru without also being a Disciple, and I put my total faith in my guru Parameshwari, which at the time I could only identify as the Divine life force operating through all beings on this planet.

Keen as I was to obey my guidance, the coming year or two were difficult. The changes split our fledgling Harmony Centre community, and many old friends left. The astral matrix of the west did not contain women in their forties turning into gurus! I think it was a bit hard for all of us to believe. So, I recorded an affirmation CD about Guru and disciple, and used it regularly to clear my own astral field of any fears doubts or obstacles to the role. It helped a lot.

When I was teaching, running satsang, healing or doing any kind of spiritual work it was easy, it flowed and I could feel the Divine presence working through me. This has become markedly stronger over the years, the Divine state is quicker to access and slower to leave. It is as though my soul and consciousness have been braiding with a much more enlightened presence than I during these years and the effect has been transformative.

The most noticeable changes have been in terms of my consciousness and my expanded understanding of how the forces of consciousness and kundalini operate.

The second major change was in the level of service I can provide to those who seek to walk in my footsteps. The initiation system was developed, then refined as experience showed us the most ease and grace methods of training and administration of blessings to help students move as fast as is graceful on their spiritual journeys.

Discourses started to flow of their own accord, sometimes concerning things about which my conscious mind has no knowledge. Almost invariably these are confirmed through some worldly correspondence. When teaching I seem to be aware of what is held in the soul of those who are with me, and automatically teach, heal and bless from a place of no mind and stillness that years ago I could not have believed existed.

Probably the biggest change is the bliss. Underneath whatever else is going on, I am able to drop into bliss at the drop of a hat. Just thinking: “how do I feel” sends waves of bliss through my body no matter where I am or what I am doing. I am able to transfer this energy to others who are receptive. This changes people, often instantly. It is such a joy, and the bedrock of my life now, helping and watching people waking up, transforming, growing, discovering themselves and their own inner beauty, it is the most magnificent and richly rewarding life that I could never have imagined in my 20’s or 30’s.

In sharing this personal history I aim to inspire others to believe that they can transform too. I was not born enlightened or even particularly aware spiritually. Life and the blessings of Holy teachers and gurus woke me up. It can awaken you too.

Blessings Shakti Durga




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