Body Beautiful

by | 23 Nov, 2014

Body Image – One size does not fit all.

Jyotishakti and I have just completed a 13 week Body Beautiful program at Cooranbong ashram. We had 18 participants. We had eating and movement plans and weigh in’s like more traditional classes, but we knew that more was needed because many people find that they can do these things for a period of time, maybe six to eight weeks, then they crash and burn, and things get worse than ever. So, we used the V diagram and our awareness of the astral and soul dimensions to do some very amazing healing, activation and illumination into the essence of self. All of us were deeply affected by the practices, healings and sadhanas that were part of the class.

There are lots of very unhelpful beliefs in the western belief matrix when it comes to body image, eating, what is right and what is not, what is fashionable right now as opposed to correct and healthful for us as individuals.

In body beautiful we take the view that one size does not fit all in anything. Bodies, like personalities are meant to be all kinds of shapes and sizes. We can maintain healthfulness and happiness, be active and self-confident even if our genetics and metabolisms are not conducive to being skinny by nature.

Skinny is fashionable, but we think that getting to the size and shape we want to be in accordance with our soul’s blueprint, being happy with that and disconnecting from that matrix is a better approach.

During our program, participants lost a combined total of 117 kilos. Inches fell away and many health issues reversed. People who were pre-diabetic normalised. Blood pressure fell, heart issues cleared up, skin and hair became more vibrant. Because of the spiritual work we did, most people experienced more inner peace and ease with maintaining a balanced eating and movement plan than they had before. It just was not difficult. Our classes were always full. We didn’t want to not be there!

A natural diet with lots of seasonal local organic whole food was recommended. We avoided artificial things, and cut out sugar and fructose additives. We maintained eating fruit so long as it was accompanied by its natural fibre, but steered clear of sugary fruit juices, and sweetened products. We aimed to change our taste buds, not just eat artificially sweet things. It is amazing how much flavour food has when we get over our addictions to sugar.

Every week we looked at what our inner landscape was doing, and we experienced healing meditations dealing with whatever came up during the week for people. We found all kinds of things in our unconscious, and we focussed on the strength of the soul to help us make fundamental changes to the way we saw ourselves, prioritised our lives and wellbeing and valued our health over being so busy.
The class was so good none of us wanted to stop. So, we are continuing to meet on a Tuesday evening, and opening the class to anyone who wants to come. We do Hanuman abishekam at 5.30 asking for the strength of Hanuman to move mountains that have been life long difficulties for many of us. Whoever is in attendance at that, we ask that everyone who comes to the class beginning at 6pm receive the blessings. Then, we have healing meditations and a workout.

Blessings and much love.

If you’d like to access some of the meditations and resources used in this program, you can find them  here, here and here.



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