Bursting Bubbles

by | 29 Aug, 2014

Bursting the Bubbles – what comes next?

We all live inside of bubbles that have built up through habits, priorities, memories, expectations, thoughts and perceptions about self and how life is. We peer out at the world and other people through our own bubbles, and make decisions in accordance with what we have encoded into them. There are times in life when the bubble bursts. This is a turning point, a time when we think to ourselves: Why did I not know this before? How could I have been so blind?

Revelations of the kind I am talking about often happen when there is a shock or crisis. Things like medical diagnosis, divorce, affairs, retrenchment, bereavement and loss burst our bubbles. Suddenly all the busy, outward focused life we take for granted seems less important. It is a sobering kind of experience. Through it we get to see into our life with a clarity and perceptiveness that may have been lacking. As the bubble bursts, sometimes we are faced with a much deeper and different perspective on everything.

These revelations are Divine and ordinary at the same time. Whether it is about taking better care of ourselves, or showing our love more, or being more supportive to others, we are likely to want to change our perspective.  At times like these it is likely our priorities and life direction can alter, be it cathartically or subtly. We cannot go back to how things were when we were in the bubble. Change is inevitable.

Spiritually the bubbles that we live in are referred to as Maya. Instead of thinking of this as bad, I prefer to think of it as a classroom. Sometimes it takes a while for a classroom to be constructed. Yes, perhaps we could have made many decisions along the way that might have avoided a catharsis, but most likely that is not the case: most likely it was always going to happen.

Call it destiny or karma, it just landed, right here where we are. It may not be what our personalities would have thought was going to happen. But the ‘is-ness’ of the situation is perfect for our souls and matches the way in which we are meant to spiritually flower.

Through what at first seems like a disaster, growth and development can occur which adds depth, beauty, purpose and meaning to our life.

If you are going through challenges, try and pull back from the priorities and expectations you have habitually placed upon yourself. Make some room to contemplate, question, adapt, change and if necessary, make course corrections in your life.

Namaste, Om Shanti
Shakti Durga

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