Calling all Lightworkers

by | 10 Sep, 2017

A Special Appeal from Shakti Durga

You will be aware that a paradigm of fear has been pervading the USA for some time. When fear dominates, we often make decisions that are not in everyone’s highest good. This is an opportunity for Lightworkers personally and collectively, to join all over the world in service to assist in the raising the vibration of the USA out of fear, and into LOVE.

Through the use of peaceful spiritual practices and online technology, Lightworkers will be working in unison to raise the vibrational trajectory of humanity. This initiative requires a good deal of spiritual power, and so we are appealing to all Lightworkers, with your diverse training, from the various schools of light, please join us.

This is not about politics or personalities, controlling anything or commercial gain. Working with the Divine, we will be asking for a lift and shift in the overall field of collective consciousness covering the USA. That amazing new creative ideas and innovations can occur which will be unifying, uplifting, healthy and cultivate greater peace and wellbeing.

Please accept this invitation to join this imminent world service initiative being run through September 2017:

From 24 Sept to 1 October 2017, I am travelling from my home in Australia to lead a retreat and light work in Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA. The Divine Feminine has shown me a vision of how to create a vortex of light in the rocky mountains up near the highest peak. From this place on the Continental Divide, the phenomenal love of Gaia or Mother Earth will awaken more than ever before. This new energy will be sent right up and down the mountain range through ley lines. When the snow falls, it will be imbued with the loving energy, and from there the snow melt will travel to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, carrying the high vibration throughout the country. Water carries the imprint of energy (e.g. as we know from Dr Masaro Emoto’s water crystal and energy work) and this is how the new energy will be carried and spread, from the snow, through the river systems etc.

There are various ways to help and participate in this project;

  1. Join the World Service Facebook Group and work collectively and energetically with us online;  This is a private, safe online space to connect and work with other participating Lightworkers to build and hold the necessary energy to support this initiative. We will be joining together in powerful spiritual practices such as (Sanskrit) light language mantra which amplifies energy and intention powerfully when practiced as a group. Online program information, details of the spiritual practices to do in the lead up to and during the initiative, updates from Shakti Durga in Colorado, Unified Group Meditation, energy healing practices and mantra classes will be happening here.
  2. Spread the word to all the Lightworkers you know, by sharing this appeal on social media and with your groups, schools and communities.

Please  accompany us in prayer and goodwill during this time, no matter where you live.   What happens in the USA affects all of us, and it is from love and a spirit of serving that this opportunity has been offered.

With love and hope to all,

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga now runs a seminar called Sacred Activism for the lightworker who wants to change the world with love.



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