Certificate of Energy Healing Foundation

Certificate of Energy Healing Foundation

Awaken to a paradigm of healing that explores the energy field but also the mind, body and soul essence.

Learn safe and proven energy healing methods. Find gifts and talents you didn’t know you had, and a range of skills you can use personally and professionally for life.

*This is a core foundation certificate for all of our other certificates and units.

Starts October 9th at 9:30am (Sydney time)

Details: Online Certificate

Duration: 10 weeks

Start Date: Oct 9th, 2023

Sessions: 10 x 3 hr sessions

Classes: Mondays 9:30am or Tuesdays 6pm (AEDT)

In 10 weeks you will…

LEARN ENERGY ANATOMY – Understand basic principles on how the energy anatomy plays a vital role in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, including chakras, meridians and aura.



Learn how to perform powerful healings on self and others, on a range of conditions, including pain relief, stress relief, and clearing the energy body as well as releasing limiting beliefs and somatic pain.


Learn techniques to protect your own and your client’s energy field from outside energetic interference, covering essential tools such as basic psychic self defence, Pranayama (breathwork), and the art of invocation.

Increase Your Perception

Activate your inner connection so you more easily perceive what is needed by your client, being aware of your own energy system, use of mantra, learn to scan energy and be more intuitively aware.
Separation versus Unity

Delve into Past Lives

Learn about past lives, how chakras are carried through each life and how karma can impact the efficacy of the healing process, simple steps to help someone move through and manage their karma.

Understand the Ethics of Healing

Law of Free Will, harmlessness and a helpful Code of conduct and Healing Ethics

Here are just some of the standout favourites from this unit:

Learn techniques to protect yourself from external energetic interference so you stand strong in your authenticity without influence.
Activate your inner connection to more easily perceive what is needed by your client and care for your own energy system.
Transform Shakti Durga
Explore your own energy field, learning the principles of the energy anatomy.
Transform Shakti Durga
Experience incredible healing demonstrations by master healers

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Foundation unit:

You will have built a strong foundation as a healer and have the knowledge it takes to begin your journey as a healer. You will be able to perform a healing, and be on your way to creating transformational experiences for yourself, your family and your clients.

Learn safe and proven energy healing methods, find gifts and talents you didn’t know you had, and learn a range of skills you can use personally and professionally for life.

Explore the Curriculum:

Lesson Plan

Class 1
Introduction to the certificate, ethics of energy healing, the 5 dimensions, meditation, subtle energy & scanning, meet the etheric body and aura.  Sweeping basics, protection and etheric hygiene.
Class 2
Exploring the chakras from base to crown, plus sweeping, cutting and the importance of stabilizing. Plus in class meditation and sweeping practice.
Class 3
IYS elementary healing steps, plus 6 steps to Ignite Your Spirit, adding energy and blessings, invoking and connection.  Plus in class practice, demonstrations and exercises.
Class 4
Perceiving chakras and chakral dynamics.  Learn how to scan and heal chakras, partaking in healing exercises using IYS steps.
Class 5
Introduction to the mind and the astral field and we look deeper into the aura, understanding accelerations, integration and processing.  What is Antakarana? Maya? How we leak Astrally.  What are Thoughtforms and how do they affect the Aura and how to pull in EV light.
Class 6
Anger and judgment and how it impacts the crown.  We will practise a few important exercises  learning about energetic protection  Plus, we learn a powerful reflection technique.
Class 7
Pranayama,  chanting and raising vibration for clients.  The use of Om and blessings.
Class 8
Energy healing revision, basics of colour Prana, demonstrations of colour use in healing. Flicking between colour.  Basic recipes for healing certain ailments plus  energy voltages for different ages and conditions.
Class 9
Pranayama practice, meditation, recaps on colour prana and delving deeper into vibration.  V diagram and the Soul and all about karma.
Class 10
Invocation then question time, followed by the multiple choice exam.  Then we will look at devotion and purification aka pillar 1.

To obtain a certificate, students will …

  • Log 6 healing sessions for friends or family, noting in your journal.
      1. what they wanted help with.
      2. what resulted.
      3. what you experienced yourself.
  • Adopt a daily meditation practice using tools provided to embed learning and help develop one’s own connection and energy field
  • A log sheet for the healings and meditations is on your dashboard. This will be handed in as evidence of your completion of course requirements
  • Complete 4 self healings in own time, ie. one every other week using guided self healing meditation CD
  • Participate in all 10 sessions (if you can’t join live, then recorded sessions need to be watched prior to the next class.)
  • Pass a multiple choice exam arising from course content.
      1. you will have a few questions about code of ethics, and a few questions about chakras from modules 1 and 2.
      2. multiple choice questions will be gathered from each module and so it is important to attend class each and every week
  •   Complete 8 weeks of healings on class mates – in class


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One off payment of…



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4 payments of…


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Pay 4 Payments…


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Internationally Approved Training Provider

We are an approved training provider with the IICT.  Upon graduating, you’ll receive a certificate for this course. To become a fully certified and accredited IYS Therapist, you’ll need to complete the full IYS certification program HERE.  Then you will receive a certificate PLUS accreditation as an Ignite Your Spirit Healer where you’ll be able to call yourself an IYS Therapist and will be added to the IYS Therapists Directory on our website.

All graduates will also get 20% off of their first year of membership with IICT.


Class Times:

Online classes for the first unit will be held Monday mornings for 3 hours from 9:30am (AEDT). They will commence from 9 October 2023. There will also be a Tuesday evening class  (commencing 10 October 2023) running at 6pm, repeating the information from the morning class that we offer to suit various time zones around the world.

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can re-watch at your leisure. More details will be sent to students upon sign up.

Start Date:  October 9 2023, 9:30am and October 10, 6pm Sydney (Click date to convert timezone)

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