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Physical Body Healing & Colour Therapy 2

Physical Body Healing and Colour Therapy 2

We treat not just symptoms but the deep underlying causes of disease and help our clients to eliminate blockages to their ultimate good.

We help facilitate inner transformation that sets one free to create new patterns of awareness and health for the future.

Continuing on what we covered in the first Physical Body unit, we will move on to look at a range of chronic conditions, as well as pre and post surgical care, and how to help with the other pandemic – anxiety and depression.

Starts Tue 6pm 10 Oct or Thur 9am 12 Oct, 2023 (Sydney time)

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Details:  Online Certificate

Duration: 10 weeks

Start Date: 10th & 12th Oct, 2023

Sessions: 10 x 3 hr sessions

Teacher:  Ganesha Ma, Sada & visits from Shakti Durga

Prerequisites:  Completion of Physical Body Healing 1

Class Times: Tue 6pm and Thur 9am (Sydney)

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In 10 weeks you will…

Be able to work with your clients to optimise and maintain long term health goals by working in different ways that are specific to the issues with which they present. You will continue to grow personally and experience master healers demonstrating remarkable healings.

sp-Treat Covid 19


Help clients through the acute phase by understanding the energetic component of the condition, lessen and in some cases eliminate symptoms of long



Learn more about immunity and the energy field and how to treat patients with autoimmune conditions.

sp-relieving stress-depression


Learn specific techniques to minimise or eliminate anxiety and depression for you and your clients.



Learn the best way to support clients with cancer energetically as well as how to help clients undergoing surgery.

Here are just some of the standout favourites from this unit:

  1. Understanding the energetic component of illness, injury and disease
  2. Working with colour prana to create miraculous healing in the body in conjunction with other healing modalities including western medicine
  3. Connecting with the consciousness of cells and organs
  4. Releasing traumas from the body and addressing the stored subconscious build up that dulls the flow of energy to cells, organs, body systems and which deplete the flow of life force
  5. Helping people to be more aware of the interaction of the mind, body and spirit in all avenues of healing
  6. Being empowered to support people when they are in what can be some of the most desperate and frightening times in their lives

And much more…

By the end of this 10 week Core Unit

You will be confident in addressing physical body problems and challenges both for your own life, for family and clients. You will have a toolbox of highly effective methods to bring relief of suffering and hope, alleviating pain and distress, and helping clients to access a whole new way of being.

Create Miracles of Healing

Expand your healing capabilities through increased understanding of the energetic component of illness, injury and disease.  Optimise healing and speed up recovery from a wide range of conditions.

Explore the Curriculum:

Lesson Plan

Class 1

Introduction to the certificate, digestive healing

Class 2

Excretory system healing

Class 3

Lymphatic system healing and immunity

Class 4

Reproductive system.

Class 5

Healing covid and long covid

Class 6

Auto immune conditions

Class 7

Healing anxiety and depression

Class 8

Cardiovascular healing

Class 9

Preparation for surgery and post surgical energy healing

Class 10

Treating people with Cancer


Meet the Team

This certificate will be run by Ganesha Ma and Sada with regular visits from Shakti Durga. Our team brings a wealth of healing capacity and all have a minimum 15 years of healing skills. Every one of your trainers has achieved miracles of healing and changed the lives of countless people with their compassion and skill.

Ganesha Ma

Ganesha Ma

Senior Teacher and Master Healer

GaneshaMa is a highly skilled and powerful IYS Energy Healer who uses the power of colour prana to facilitate profound healing in the physical body while imparting invaluable knowledge to her clients. With a deep passion for this ancient practice, GaneshaMa expertly harnesses colour prana to restore balance and vitality, targeting specific areas of the body that require healing and rejuvenation. Through her skilled practice, she helps individuals experience physical well-being, accelerated recovery, and enhanced vitality.

Additionally, as a teacher, GaneshaMa generously imparts her wisdom and techniques to others, empowering them to heal themselves and others through colour prana. Her passion for teaching is evident in her patience, guidance, and commitment to empowering her students on their healing journey. With GaneshaMa as a guide, individuals are inspired to tap into the transformative power of colour prana for physical body healing, leading them to a path of self-healing and vibrant living while awakening their innate healing potential.



Teacher and IYS Energy Healer

Sada has degrees in Psychology and Exercise Science and an extensive background in helping people find happiness and health through self compassion and self awareness.

She helps people identify unconscious patterns of energy, thought and behavior and helps people let go of what doesn’t serve them.

She is passionate about helping people bring more love, joy, good health and freedom into their lives.

Sada specialises in healing the physical body and in helping people understand and connect with their body and emotions to bring more balance and good health on all levels.

Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga

Founder of Ignite Your Spirit healing, author, sacred musician and World Renowned Spiritual Teacher

Shakti Durga is the founder of The WellBeing Initiative, a registered Australian charity and of Shanti Mission America, a 501(C) (3) charity. These organisations raise funds to provide life changing energy healing and transformational seminars to assist those who are suffering to find hope, new mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual tools for good health and happiness. Shakti Durga instigated, practiced, teaches and developed Ignite Your Spirit therapy as well as ‘Lift’ meditative healing technique and has a passion for the raising of human consciousness through energy healing, meditation and diverse spiritual teachings. She is a musician, a powerful and compassionate, insightful healer who supports her clients through the transformation into their full potential. She has authored 5 books and numerous meditation and chant CD’s. She helps people connect with the bliss and love of their higher soul, Divine beings and states of grace.


Support Teacher & IYS Energy Healer

Pertiwi Is a sacred channel for healing with innate connection to the Clairsenses. She began her training in IYS in 2010 and works with her clients within the spiritual, mental and emotional dimensions. Pertiwi uses her abilities  to see beyond the physical to bring compassion and Soul guidance.

SP - Energy Healing Training Tree 1080x1080

Class Times:

Online classes for the Certificate of Physical Body Healing & Colour Therapy 2 will be held every Tuesday evening for 3 hours from 6pm (Sydney) for 10 weeks. They will commence from October 10th, 2023.  There will also be a Thursday morning class at 9am (Sydney) that we offer to suit various time zones around the world.

All classes are recorded so if you miss a class, you can re-watch at your leisure.  More details will be sent to students upon sign up.

Start Date:  October 10th or 12th, 2023

Class Times: Tuesday 6pm or Thursday 9am (Sydney)(Click to convert timezone)


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To obtain a certificate, students must…

  • Pass a short multiple choice exam
  • Log 5 healing sessions for a client related to the physical body healing
  • Self healing on a health condition of your choosing, 5 sessions
  • Daily meditation practice using tools provided to embed learning and help develop one’s own connection and energy field
  • Participate in all 10 sessions (if you can’t join live, ensure catch-up via recordings) and watch the weekly training videos, essential unless you have prior learning eg. You are a registered nurse, doctor or other health professional who has completed university training in anatomy and physiology.

Become a Certified Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healer