by | 12 May, 2016

Prayag is the Sanskrit word for the confluence of two rivers. Prayags are considered the Holiest of Holy places. I never really understood why until we experienced the confluence of two spiritual rivers while in San Diego.  Here’s what happened.

After a beautiful Saraswati ceremony, a group of people involved in a Shakti Durga Mystery School retreat attended the Self Realization Fellowship temple. The temple holds the amazing and lovely energy of the lineage of the Himalayan Master Babaji, via Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar and Yogananda – with Master Jesus and Lord Krishna – they were all there in their  glory.

We had no sooner sat down then a torrent of energy started to flow over us.  It flowed into my mind that people from our mystery school visiting another sacred centre, with open hearts and an attitude conducive to learning, created a confluence of two spiritual streams.  Going into unity with those of our own tradition is a powerful experience, but merging with real love and respect with the essence and flow of another tradition brought forth a different dimension in the Divine experience.

Our meditations that afternoon were off the chart, showing us just how profound the experience of Prayag really was.   You gotta love our 8th Mystery School pillar which is respect for all paths and all faiths.  Finding the divine everywhere in every kind of temple, church, mosque, ashram, forest or heart really is getting to the truth of unity.




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