The dangers of comparing yourself to others

by | 15 Feb, 2023

How often do we compare ourselves to others? For most people it is such a constant state of consciousness that it is like the air we breathe, barely noticed as the background in which everything, including thinking, takes place.

All we really need to be is ourselves. When we compare ourselves to others, there are unintended spiritual effects. For instance, we are automatically thrown into duality. We step out of the unified field. We start hustling and jostling. Also, real humility becomes almost impossible.

The real me cannot be with the real you, we all have to pretend so we can feel like we are enough. We put on masks, shield ourselves, hide, people please, or we get arrogant, show our plumage like the peacock, convinced of our superiority. We swim in a sea of ‘better than’ or ‘not good enough’ while never quite hitting the mark of ‘good enough’.

All we really need to be is ourselves. I will be me and you can be you. That’s all. Just be you. There are things about you that are amazing. There are things about me that are amazing. They may be different bits but both are amazing and unique.

Let’s be ok about being ourselves. This may seem paradoxical to many of you who have, over the years, witnessed me offer hundreds of tools and blessings to assist anyone who wants to change and grow. The tools are amazing. Blessings are even better. But no matter how we use and embody amazing things, spiritual development is easier and faster if you are ok about who you be.

If spiritual development was like building a house, accepting ourselves as we are, knowing that we are enough, is the steady foundation, the safe reliable stone which underpins true growth. After that, we can add walls, windows and doors, a roof, bells and whistles, even a turret!

If we feel that we are not good enough, efforts to change become more like a compulsion. I will do anything to not be me. We can become stifled, controlled, even enslaved. WARNING! This is not the point of spiritual growth. The point is freedom. I am not just my body. I am not just my mind. I am a radiant soul, I am spirited, I am connected to all that is. All this is already true. Once we get that, we can be humble. We don’t need to prove ourselves. We just be true to our nature. We will naturally come into balance, we will naturally want to help our fellow man.

So for 2023, just know that you are enough. You don’t have to do stuff so God will love you. You are already the beloved child of the Infinite. Just come home to that. And if you choose to approach spiritual training through which your consciousness will expand and life will look different, do it through free will, as a choice, not as a necessity to make yourself good enough. You already are.

Blessings and love.

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