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Welcome from Shakti Durga

We are so excited that you have joined us for this wonderful voyage of adventure and expansion of consciousness that is The Initiates Path. We look forward to seeing you online.

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Meeting ID: 817 0243 7692   Passcode: ThePath

sp - recordings


All sessions are recorded. If you miss a session you are asked to watch the recording before attending the next class as classes build on teachings.


This is where you will find the Resources that support your training. Find the texts, notes, meditations and more. Regularly updated throughout your training.


Throughout the 10 weeks you can connect with our support team to ask questions and share experiences, you also have this additional mechanism to get to know your fellow classmates via a private Facebook group.

Technical support –

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Class Dates

Class is Sydney time 9am – 12.30pm Saturday mornings.

Dates are from 2 September and incorporating an initiation on our annual Shanti Mission Day on 28 October, a time of tremendous downpouring of Divine energy and a quickening for the disciples of Shakti Durga world wide. Please Note: there are two time changes during this course reflecting a shift into (Sydney) and out of (London) daylight saving.


Australian Morning Times (Sydney)

Class 1: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 02 Sep
Class 2: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 09 Sep
Class 3: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 16 Sep
Class 4: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 23 Sep
Class 5: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 30 Sep
Class 6: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 07 Oct
Class 7: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 14 Oct
Class 8: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 21 Oct
Class 9: 9am-12.30pm,  Sat 28 Oct
Class 10: 9am-12.30pm,  Tue 31 Oct

US Session Times (New York)

Class 1: 7-10.30pm,  Fri 01 Sep ’23
Class 2: 7-10.30pm,  Fri 08 Sep ’23
Class 3: 7-10.30pm,  Fri 15 Sep ’23
Class 4: 7-10.30pm,  Fri 22 Sep ’23
Class 5: 7-10.30pm,  Fri 29 Sep ’23
Class 6: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 06 Oct ’23
Class 7: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 13 Oct ’23
Class 8: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 20 Oct ’23
Class 9: 6-9.30pm,  Fri 27 Oct ’23
Class 10: 6-9.30pm,  Mon 30 Oct ’23

UK Session Times (London)

Class 1: 12midn-3.30am, Fri 01 Sep
Class 2: 12midn-3.30am, Fri 08 Sep
Class 3: 12midn-3.30am, Fri 15 Sep
Class 4: 12midn-3.30am, Fri 22 Sep
Class 5: 12midn-3.30am, Fri 29 Sep
Class 6: 11pm-2.30am, Fri 06 Oct
Class 7: 11pm-2.30am, Fri 13 Oct
Class 8: 11pm-2.30am, Fri 20 Oct
Class 9: 11pm-2.30am, Fri 27 Oct
Class 10: 10pm-1.30am, Mon 30 Oct

28 October – all are welcome in person in Cooranbong, or online from 9am to 12.30pm, program may proceed all day and members of the class are welcome to stay online or in person. This will be part of a three day program at the Cooranbong Harmony Centre.

Concluding program-
Tuesday 31 October morning 9am to 12.30pm, what’s next