by | 22 May, 2023

Dharma is our spirit on its journey into becoming. It is our life path. It is duty, it covers how we engage in life, how we serve, and how we go about tasks. Dharma illuminates for us the opportunity we have in the playing out of our karma, and
draws us ever nearer to greater realisation of the pure light within.

There are many different versions of the meaning of dharma, but it is difficult to set it aside from purpose, the ‘why?’ of life. Dharma is the reason for which you were born. As your purpose, it is something that enfolds you, which is all around you, but is so pervasive you may not notice it. It is the key to lasting happiness and fulfillment. It is the key to the next cycle of abundance.

Dharma is your mission, your contribution to the whole. It is the spiritual reality that gives shape to our lives, and for which the resources we need will flow as we let ourselves experience it.

We know that each person already contains spirit, soul and infinite potential. But with the thoughts, beliefs and conditioning of our developing years, sometimes we close the portals to these natural parts of self. We do this because the path of dharma presents us with a challenge. And the spirit and soul speak a language that sometimes seems incomprehensible,
or too scary, or unpredictable, or challenging to how our conscious personality self has chartered life so far.

Our life force or shakti is keyed into the dharma of our souls. But often we, or our society, pressures us to accept a more conventional, expected, and one could say a more mundane approach to life.

Playing it safe will become a burden if dharma is calling you to learn, grow, change, be more authentic in the expression of who you really are. Ignoring our dharma will be depressing, and yet we are challenged again and again like a donkey being poked by a stick, until we take our first tottering steps forward from where we are right now.

By searching out our dharma we are searching out our deepest satisfaction and our long term good.

Creating the life we desire without embracing our dharma, means that the inner dimension of fulfillment will be missing. Even if everything looks fine to others, we know that there is something missing. There is something wrong, even if I cannot put my finger on it. And sometimes that which was right for a time, which was successful for a time, which was
our dharma for a period, is just the prelude to something else. Letting go of what our expectation created, and opening to a deeper dance with destiny is part of the life of spirited people.

Dharma unfolds in its own time. Our wanderings through life can sometimes seem aimless, or lacking in meaning, but whatever is happening will be showing you something about what your dharma might be, or what it is not.

When all else fails, focus upon meditation rather than business. By perpetual business we will miss opportunities for dharma to deliver all that we require to blossom into our full blazing unique glorious self.

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