Divine Blazing From Within

by | 12 Jul, 2016

Those who seek self realisation welcome the idea of the Divine blazing from within, filling our souls with love and all kinds of virtues and strength. The more awake our souls become the more the Divine is shining through them.

Imagine if the Divine did just vest itself in all of us and really arose in the hearts of us all … what would happen?

Probably not what you think. If you are going to have a luminous explosion of Divine realization and radiance issuing forth from within, then it is likely that there will be a bit of discomfort in the ego before it happens, as the ego tries to gallop backwards away from this priceless opportunity. Every version of the story of disconnection, lack of confidence, acting out, feeling pressured, left out, abandoned, unloved and all the rest in all the colour and uniqueness that only our own karmic legacy could spit out, in our own private language of despair and defeat – all that is preparing to give up, to surrender and to allow a different experience to be had. The truth is beyond the polar opposite of suffering, it is endless joy, understanding and connection with Divine intelligence.

If you are going through any of that do not despair, just pray for help, connect with your team of inner plane guides and your spiritual teacher, connect with the Divine and hold on. And keep praying!

It is fair to say therefore that there could be a bit of ‘poison’ to spit out before any of us reach to the blazing heights of self realization. If challenged is how you are feeling, then know you are not alone. Every bit of churning that you go through is another step closer to your own illumination, to the full re-membering of your being, of your mind melting into your essence, your spirit into your soul and your real, Ageless strength arising. 

One quality that is indispensable in all of this is courage. Durga is the Goddess of courage. It is recommended you might recite the Durga Gayatri daily for the most connection and ease with the process of evolution that is presently unfolding on your path. Prepare for an experience of pure consciousness, arising like a million blissful shining all-knowing radiant moons from within. The words for Durga Gayatri are below.

Jai Ma!

Blessings and love

Shakti Durga

Durga Gayatri

Om Katyayanaya Vidmahi

Kanya Kumari Dhimahi

Tanno Durga Prachodayat


Shakti Durga, Durga, Shanti MissionMantra is a kind of prayer. Prayer will be a feature of our retreat, and you are encouraged to spend a half hour per day in prayer during and –why not- after retreat as well. To the Eshwari of your heart, to your own personal vision or knowingness of the Infinite. Start a loving conversation that could last forever.




If you are interested in a path of self realisation, click here to see what the Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga has to offer.



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