Doing it All

by | 23 Nov, 2016

Overwhelmed by doing it all?

Do you ever look at your calendar and think: how am I going to get through all of that? As soon as that thought hits your brain, energetic clenching happens, your inner child freaks out, you feel anxiety and stress, maybe your solar plexus chakra feels like it is doing some bizarre tango, and then up comes the base chakra out of the Earth. Problem is, without this precious and strong connection to nature, it is really hard to get anything done properly, or at the right vibration. Then all kinds of complications can come in and we are off kilter rather than being grounded and easily able to deal with whatever arises.

When this process happens, I take a moment to breathe and remind myself that I am safe and everything is ok, and that the day is going to be fun. I relax my body and decide what needs doing first. I say a little prayer and put my base chakra into the ground. I ask to be an arm of Durga, connected to the infinite resource of strength, intelligence and grace. Things just zing along far more easily.

Blessings and love

Shakti Durga



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