Embracing the New Year

by | 13 Jan, 2023

Happy New Year! Blessings to all.  Here is a little exercise to help you start your year off in a positive way. This came through on New Year’s Day, at our first Satsang for 2023. I hope you find it helpful.

Give yourself an uninterrupted half hour. Get comfortable, maybe do some breathing exercises. When you feel settled, think of the things that have been challenges over the past year. And rather than pushing these things away, utilise the law of acceptance; just calmly contemplate what was.

We learn a great deal about ourselves in life through the things that we didn’t choose and would not have wished for. Go there.

Turn the major challenges over in your mind, contemplate, as a witness instead of as a participant. Just observe. Breathe, until you feel peace. You survived. A new year dawns.

When you feel ready, see yourself at an archway or a gateway of some kind. Understand that through that archway are unknown possibilities, giving rise to a greater opportunity to realise more of yourself. This can be in subtle things, or material things, and everything in between.

Connect with your heart’s radiant awareness and pray…

I ask for divine clarity and discernment in all things as I move forward this year. Breathing in and releasing everywhere. And then give yourself a moment to think of what it is that’s important to you, what would you like to experience more of, what would bring you joy?

Lazily turn this over in your mind, allowing ideas to flow in, allowing visions to form. Give yourself permission to have a vision, to move towards more fulfilment, more enlightenment, to hear more of the sound of the infinite flowing through you.

Here are some prayers to try:

Please set me free to embrace this coming year with Divine energy, enthusiasm, and an open mind!

Help me let go of the voices of fear, anxiety, and separateness wherever they’ve been hiding in any part of my life.

Please help me prepare for a greater flow of love, truth consciousness and joyful bliss, to inform and lift me into new fields of possibility. This is my wish, my prayer, my request of the Divine. Breathe deeply in, then imagine that your energy field is expanding all around you, everywhere.

Repeat this short practice as often as you like. You can use it any time.

Happy new year, may we be flutes through which Divine music plays.

Shakti Durga

If you would like a little help starting the New Year off with an open heart, join our next Satsang live online every Sunday. Open to all. JOIN HERE.



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