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The Initiates Path

September 2, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


A 10 week online program that serves as the entry point into the wonders of Shakti Durga’s Mystery School…  

A doorway to embodied, eternal sacredness and wisdom.

Enter into the imaginal world of beauty and truth known to the Ancient light bearers, and known already in our innermost hopes and dreams.

We invite you to…

– Partake in mystical teachings delivered with sublime ParaShakti (Holy Spirit) that transform as they enlighten and enliven

– Embark upon a transformative journey, to go further into oneness and ecstacy, empowerment and love on your unique and sacred spiritual path.

– Navigate safely the inner corridors of light and sound, protected by the Holy Beings of Love of the East and West.

– Perceive the song of your soul with greater clarity, humility and awe and take your life’s plan to the next level of conscious embodiment

– Enjoy a real spiritual pathway of self-realisation that incorporates transcendence, bliss, sacred music and heart, and brings it into physical realisation with pristine consciousness and grace

– Be ‘love on legs’ in the practical day to day workings of your world.

Get ready to contemplate, illuminate and fly on wings of love into an experience of union and bliss.


Calling to the spiritual seeker, the lover of nature, light, Earth, colour and sound. We call your awakening participatory presence in the dance of creation. Life is a mystery and we are here to unravel and savour this precious gift. Within the currents of creation, we can harvest the blessings of the higher vibrational road, alchemising lead into gold and awakening to Christ/Krishna consciousness.

What lies within and beyond our current awareness is vast. Discover it for yourself on this sacred pathway.

Are you…
  • looking for a dedicated spiritual path, with spiritual seekers who are not tied to one narrow tradition but embrace the Ancient wisdom from diverse traditions?
  • seeking a path that helps you to find your own unique essence, honing your gifts and talents, spirit and soul into exultation and self realisation?
  • looking for an inclusive spiritual community that comes together in a spirit of enquiry, devotion, play and joy? Who help each other over the bumps in the road?
  • seeking what lies beyond the limiting confines of the mind, finding the sacred path of the awakened heart and soul?
  • interested in activating your latent potential to expand your consciousness and play your part in the unfolding plan of peace?
  • willing to learn, grow, transform and enter into the sacred mysteries?

We are calling to those who have a yearning to go beyond the view of the apparent world and to explore the world of the spirited soul. To those who enjoy the feeling of authentic spiritual transmission and opening to that which is timeless, boundlessly creative, inspiring and whose beingness is love.



Fri 1 Sept – New York: 6pm; London: 11pm


September 2, 2023
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Shakti Durga