Evolution of Consciousness

by | 16 Sep, 2020

A Fascination with Consciousness

When I started on my spiritual path I was driven by the avoidance of pain. I was fascinated as I started to recognise thoughts and beliefs that I had not been aware I had, starting to drift away and with them went many of the problems I had been experiencing. It didn’t take very long until the original motivation for spiritual and personal development morphed into something else; a continuing fascination with consciousness.

Over the past 25 years I have had the exquisite good fortune to enjoy all different kinds of spiritual instruction and have drunk deeply from the wells of the Vedas, the Kabbalah, Christianity and the teachings of the new age, as well as positive psychology and the odd foray into Buddhist practices. Each has further kindled my awareness and boundless fascination with that inchoate reality, which is consciousness.

The age in which we live is so rich! We are able to awaken from the long term slumber of other eras, where philosophical systems were so entrenched and dominant, that one often didn’t know that one’s consciousness was contained within them. As I became a spiritual teacher and continued my own growth over the years, it has been really incredible to learn more deeply about a subject like consciousness, by looking at it through various lenses and not just one.

I like to read books on the Vedas, or on the Kabbalah, and then to contemplate and meditate upon the subject matter. Sometimes a whole field of awareness pours itself into my mind that feels refreshing, blissful and true.

One of the subjects we study in our mystery school is Kabbalah. It provides an elegant structure through which we can learn more about ourselves, about the nature of reality, about how our consciousness works and also gives amazing teachings about the nature of the Divine and the great Angels that serve all of creation. I can’t wait to dive into the ocean of bliss with the fellow seekers on the path.

Shakti Durga

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