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Evolving Human Consciousness

Our level of consciousness and the mindsets we inhabit either connect us with other people and bring us closer to what we want, or draw us further into separateness.

By understanding the origins and impacts of different ways of thinking, we can begin to be more empowered and effective in how we establish connections and influence growth and transformation in different groups of people in our world.

DETAILS: Online Course


COST: $360 / $180

Western Mysteries

Course Outline:

In this six session online experiential course, we will use the perspectives of Spiral Dynamics to examine how competing kinds of consciousness have played out in human history and are affecting the world today. We will gain awareness of how our own level of consciousness impacts on the quality of our lives and look at what role we can play in harmonizing potential issues on both a personal and global level. We will also get an opportunity to taste the benefits of higher spiritual consciousness through meditation and a guided mantra practice.

You’ll learn:

  • How to live in peaceful cooperation with people who are not like you are
  • To understand what brings peace, joy and security to diverse kinds of people
  • To honour differences without losing yourself
  • To identify people of different kinds of consciousness and how to work and interact with them more effectively
  • How to use Spiral Dynamics as a tool to:Understand evolving consciousness, and various kinds of awareness
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • To understand motivations and memes
  • How this model of consciousness was applied by Nelson Mandella‚Äôs government to affect positive change
  • A powerful Vedic prayer, Nirvana Shaktam, which will help us be more centered and open to higher consciousness
  • The principles behind taking our own consciousness to the next level
The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga 2

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