by | 22 Nov, 2016

Water Fasting

Christians fast in Lent, Muslims during Ramadan, and people of all faiths fast from time to time so as to focus upon the Divine, and open to higher energies through being light and empty in the physical body. Also the physical body is rested and allowed to rejuvenate itself when we fast.

A friend of mine who is a Yogi was starting a 5 day fast and I asked him how to get started. He suggested fasting from the end of lunch until breakfast the next day, then extending it next time to a full 24 hours, and then trying a couple of days.

His tip was drink lots of water and let your body go through its natural detox. There are lots of books about the benefits of fasting, and how people have healed from all kinds of problems by practicing fasting.

So I thought I would give it a go, and to my surprise the 24 hour fast seemed quite easy. I didn’t feel tired, just a bit headachy the second day, when I knew that physical toxins were releasing. I will give it another go this coming week. Who knows, it could become a new practice.

Blessings and love Shakti Durga

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