Navaratri – The Festival of the Goddess

by | 23 Sep, 2022


We’re currently in one of my favourite times of the year, which is Navaratri – a nine night Festival of the Goddess.

The Goddess Durga, has been revered for millennia in India and other places around the globe, particularly in East Asia and it’s been an important part of my spiritual awakening, to study with and be devoted to Durga.

What I really love about the energy of Durga is the strength and the courage and the unwavering presence of this aspect of the goddess in life. It doesn’t matter how hard it gets, it doesn’t matter how defeated we might become, it doesn’t matter how big the problems might be, Durga is always bigger, stronger and able to help.

The Festival of Navaratri is a time when we traditionally think of the inevitable victory of light over darkness, of consciousness of a high level, over consciousness of a low level.

And so we celebrate this with lots of meditation, lots of mantra, communion with the goddess, through ceremony, and also sacred music. It’s a very special time, and this year, we will be running a programme at 730 on most mornings, Australian Sydney time, and also at 7pm, Australian Sydney time, with a bit of additional stuff on the weekend, in the middle of Navaratri as well.

It will probably be very expansive because it has been in the past…every time we’ve run Navaratri it’s been expansive and a time to really solidify yourself in areas where perhaps it has been a bit tricky.  We can offer the whole situation to the Goddess. And over the course of the 10 days and 9 nights, you might be amazed at how differently you feel and how things flow on the other side.


Nava means “nine” & Rātri means “night”


So if you want to become part of this programme, you don’t have to do every day, it’s really up to you.  You can just drop in, it’ll all be recorded so you can do it later if you aren’t available at the different time zones that things are being offered. It’s really meant to support you on your journey. Our celebration is offered by donation, which means anyone can attend you just feel in your heart…’What has this meant to me?’, and then you give accordingly. And so it’s a great pleasure and a joy for me. As I say it’s a highlight of my year. And generally speaking, the Goddess comes and inhabits my being and she teaches the class, which is even better.

Anyway, I hope that you can join us for at least part of our annual Navaratri.

Come together with us in celebrating the Goddess by joining our special free event – Navaratri for 9 nights of the Devi.  Event by donation.  Feel free to join us for the sessions you are able to, you needn’t join for the entire schedule.



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