Finding Your Way…

by | 22 Nov, 2022

Sometimes our journey isn’t clear and we can’t see what’s around the corner. So how do we move forward anyway?

Have you ever had a time where you felt incapacitated from doing something because you worried you were not fully ready, or might not be perfect at it?  A time when you could not let yourself try something because you could not be assured of success? Where the potential for failure prevented any attempt?

Sometimes we will see this in young children. They will not try even a game or a sport because they fear they will not be good at it. Our ego does not like the idea of failure, of being the object of derision. However, those who succeed greatly in life feel these feelings and try regardless.

On the spiritual path, there are times when we are strongly impulsed by our spirit to take action. Provided that the impulse is a wholesome one (any impulse to harm self or others is not from the higher soul) it is advisable to follow our inner calling.

We are not here to repeat the same actions and habits, having the same experiences again and again for our whole life. We are here to experience, learn, grow, and to evolve. It is by stepping out of our comfort zone that we discover life, and more of ourselves too.

When driving on a dark country road at night between one distant city and another, the only light to guide us is the small light of our own headlights. This small light only stretches a hundred yards. Beyond that the road is unknown. And yet, by following that little light, we can get to the city we were aiming for.

So it is with life. We may not be able to see the whole path. We may not have everything under control, but we can move forward with what we have. We can contribute what we know. We can always adjust, refine, and add in as we go. Start with something small, and give yourself permission to follow the small light that guides you to take just one step forward.

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