Finishing Things

by | 9 Dec, 2016

I have often observed the feeling of weight or pressure that sits heavily upon us when we have a number of unfinished projects. We say we don’t have time, but really we don’t prioritise it highly enough to actually get in and finish it. When we do, the relief is great, we get on with our lives and unblock the creative energy that was sitting there growing stale from partial lack of use!

This is all very relevant to me right now as I sit here having just sent the manuscript of the Empowering Relationships Workbook off for proof reading. I have been meaning to finish it since 2012 when Empowering Relationships book was first published. Phew, it feels good to have it completed.

What is weighing you down? Chances are doing it will ‘hurt’ less than worrying about doing it.


Shakti Durga



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