by | 2 Jul, 2014

Namaste Beloved, I have just returned home from teaching spiritual mastery* at the Abode of Peace. I am sitting here, in the warm glow of a roaring fire on a blustery winter evening, filled with gratitude for the exquisite people that inhabit my life. My heart is expanding with love just thinking about the many and varied souls that I get to spend my time with.

Having the freedom to be able to share spiritual adventures with folks who care about such things, being able to safely journey within, going into the heart of the mysteries, together navigating the nuances of sound, light and shade, tragedy, courage and comedy, looking at the many dimensions of life is so amazing.

Thank you for pulling forth the essence of Devi from my soul, thank you for coming on this journey, for asking such excellent questions and impulsing me to continue to grow, change, evolve and look through fresh eyes and see things that have always been there as if for the first time. Thank you for pushing me into fields of unknowing, where the adventure of the spirit is sometimes taking place on territory I have not previously traversed. Thank you for your receptivity, which enables the exquisite transmission of energy from soul to soul and heart to heart.

Thank you for working so hard to turn your knowledge into understanding and your understanding into realisation. Thank you for challenging judgment so consistently, expanding into principle and not being trapped in the stories that for so much of your life may have defined who you thought you were.

Thank you for your courage to go beyond the views and beliefs of the mass consciousness, for challenging what you always thought you knew so that you can open to truths that are so exquisite and liberating that you can change your future.

Thank you for your tenacity at hanging in there through thick and thin, for your dedication, kindness and compassion.
Thank you most of all for showing me so much love, grace and beauty. May your prayers be answered and may we each have the courage to continue the voyage of fearless self-discovery that is productive of glimpses of the Promised Land.

I feel such unity with our magnificent spiritual family and I want to thank you for this experience. Life really is beautiful and the jewel in the lotus of my life is YOU.

Blessings and much love
Shakti Durga

*Spiritual Mastery is now called Laws of the Soul, and Hallmarks of Awakening, click here to find out more about these seminars



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