A Healing Story: Endometriosis

by | 7 Sep, 2022

Poppy came for a healing with a life of endometriosis and a feeling of severe pain and hopelessness concerning her condition. Hear our healing endometriosis story…

The condition had been managed with the contraceptive pill until in her mid 40’s her doctor told her to go off the pill. She had 2 children with normal births, but whilst ever not on the pill, she had stabbing pain similar to labour pain got to the point of having to go to hospital, during menstruation and also at ovulation. Thus, every two weeks she was incapacitated.

When Poppy came for healing she had been off the pill for 5 months and had excruciating pain that was interfering with her work and life quality.

When we looked it seemed that the issue was coming from conception and had its roots in the pre-life energetic spectrum of time, flowing into a polluted environment in the womb. The client said her mum had many x-rays before and during pregnancy, as she herself was in very poor health. No one knew she was pregnant for the first 5 months in which time many x-rays took place.

The doctors had told Poppy’s mum to abort, but she refused, viewing this child as a bit of a miracle, having been told she would never have another child after the birth of her first.  Poppy was born by C section in good health. It was not until puberty that she developed an abnormality in the amount of pain and suffering caused by her menstrual cycle.

After being on the pill as much as possible from early teens, the symptoms were masked enabling normal life. However, she had undergone surgery a number of times in younger years to alleviate the burden of endometriosis, without success.

We called upon the Divine law of mercy, to ask that the toxins and polluting energies be released from the cellular developmental patterns of the cells in the endometrium.  Poppy was a woman of faith, which is very helpful in this kind of healing, as the Divine connection is already in place.

We both perceived a lot of energy moving through the front and back of the sacral chakra, leading to popping sounds, as it seemed that cells were dissolving similar to how one can pop bubble wrap. We saw a diminishing number of cells holding the imbalances and overgrowth.  We then released the excessive energy that had caused excess build up of cells, and Poppy felt a lot move particularly out of the back of the body.

Along the way Poppy had a past life vision of herself giving birth in a tribal forested environment, and perceives that she did not survive that birth. We gave help and support to that soul extension and helped that stuck part of self to go to the light.

This brought a feeling of light and peace. Poppy felt a lot of emotion which flowed out of her body and then body, she cried and then started to tingle all over.

We asked that the Kundalini Shakti arise to the vibration of peace, releasing the vibration of tension that had been held in the entire body on account of chronic and severe pain. The release of that tension really helped and was emotional for Poppy.

We finished with Pillar of Light meditation, drawing the light down into every cell of her body. By the end, she felt hopeful for the first time in years.

Two weeks later, Poppy was symptom free. This was the longest interval of no pain in the past 5 months. I pray she continues to enjoy good health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in finding ways to improve and heal endometriosis and your body, mind and spirit, please visit our healing centre WBI here… Or if being a healer interests you so you can aid the positive change in peoples lives, visit our Ignite Your Spirit Therapist Training here.



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