Healing or sitting with it?

by | 31 Jul, 2023

A question popped up during a recent satsang. We spend a lot of time doing releases of negative thoughts, energy and emotions to raise our vibration. But the question is: didn’t we incarnate on earth to feel all of our feelings, including these negative thoughts and emotions?

Yes we did. But sometimes, the flood of negativity can be like a swamp, or trying to walk in quicksand. We sink in it, lose our spirit and feel lost. There is just too much to deal with. Remember that when we feel anything, it is generally speaking not just our own thoughts and energies, but everyone around us that is emitting a matching frequency naturally impacts us. We have been blobbing into other people and the mass consciousness all of our lives. We have all felt times when we feel lifted when we are around joyful people, and times when we feel angry or depressed when around people who are emitting that energy. This is within the normal awareness of most people.

When it comes to just sitting with and feeling all of the accumulated ‘stuff’ that we have collected over a lifetime, the overwhelm can restrict progress, as it’s just too much.

When we do our energy healing releases, we are reducing the size of the burden to something manageable. We are giving ourselves space to breathe, and to recollect the truth of our own nature. Our energy healing work is coupled with spiritual teachings, which give us ways to handle negativity, so that it has less of a hold over us. Practicing spiritual tools as well as having energy healing enables us to then be set up for success, when the time comes to sit and deeply feel what it is that needs to arise from our conditioned, incarnated self.

Further, during Ignite Your Spirit sessions whether one on one or in group healing, there is a transmission from the Angelic and Divine beings, who are the genesis of the healing power. They work through our therapists to effect sometimes miraculous shifts, with frequent resolution of even chronic and painful situations or illness. This transmission creates a field of energy in which the support and encouragement we need sits.

Just as we can ‘blob’ into lower frequencies of energy, we can also find sources of positive, high vibrational compassionate and loving energy, and ‘blob’ into that. How often do we find that time with spiritual masters, time on spiritual retreats and in places of sacred potency, creates an inner alchemy that results in us feeling quite different compared to how we felt before? Hope is restored and we have the freedom internally to feel everything and emerge stronger, more radiant, and eventually we are empowered like never before.

If it is a while since you have had a healing, do book in with Shakti Durga or one of our amazing therapists. You can also join energy healing classes and learn to be empowered to care for yourself and your loved ones. Our next intake for energy healing foundation program starts in October.

Many blessings to you on your journey of remembering the vast power and light within.

Jai Ma! Shakti Durga



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