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Group Healing

The multiplied power of the collective

Every group that comes together for healing has a unique spirit, distinct themes and resonance. Inevitably, members through their sharing bring a gift for someone else in the group. They not only support each other’s experience but also contribute deep nuance and richness that would not be available without the benefit of the collective.

Sometimes with subconscious processes, we only recognise our situation when faced with the mirror of another person’s reflections. Profound realisations and insights are possible within a group dynamic. These can facilitate an even deeper healing transformation than would be possible alone. There is also often a joy in connecting with like-minded people in such a rich setting!

New group healing dates with Shakti Durga are now available for 2023.


Feel liberated from old patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour and begin to fine tune your connection to your own soul.


Connect with like-minded individuals who have gathered together with pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle. This experience is not only transformational, but can lead to rich friendships forming.

Hear what people have to say…

Group Healing Mind Blowing

“After meeting Shakti Durga and receiving a healing from her this week, I can now see why her therapists are so grounded, real and so spot on as energy healers. I absolutely love all the work she has created and the way her therapists work. Having a group healing with someone with that level of capacity to clear has been mind blowing.”

Helena, Ancestral Healer, Brisbane

Depression Relieved

“In 2007 I received a healing from Shakti Durga that subsequently changed my life. I had lived my life with severe depression, had lost my memory 3 times and also had been diagnosed with PTSD. I experienced thoughts of self harm, self torture and suicidal ideation daily since childhood. Shakti Durga found a wound in one of my chakras that was repaired and the world as I had known it suddenly became calm. I was overwhelmed and in a little shock. I was free. I am eternally grateful and have devoted my life to this miraculous therapy.”

Bhadrakali, Child and fertility health nurse, IYS therapist Cooranbong

Opening Heart To More Love Than Ever Before

“After many years in a safe traditional religion my soul began to experience heart breaking separateness and confusion. I began to search out a deeper connection to the Divine and looked around for peace. I took the opportunity to have an IYS healing in the hope that I could clear anything that was holding me back from peace. The healing I experienced has profoundly changed my life and opened doorways to a greater awareness of love – than I had ever felt before. Hidden core beliefs around my worthiness to experience the Divine in my life were melted away and left me in a state of joy. The dissolving of ingrained thought forms that I had long held within my being in a very unconscious way allowed a new clarity that transformed how I related to the divine and others in my life. It is such a beautiful gift to experience this amazing modality and to grow in more love and devotion as the path to the Divine unfolds. IYS continues to heal me in many ways and I am so grateful that I found it.”

Carmel, NSW

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