Uncover your shine, spark and joy.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Blaze like the sun with energy, vitality, enthusiasm and good health.

Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and experiences, not to mention the stress of relationships, finances and work, create clouds within us that can obscure our brilliance, all contributing to ill-health. 

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) Therapy is a healing modality created by Shakti Durga. It works through the etheric body to connect with the soul and uplift the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions of our being.  


Even long-term problems and traumas can be diminished or alleviated by the removal of stale, old energy that acts like congestion in our physical, mental and energetic subtle bodies.  With IYS healings, you clear away the clouds that are blocking your shine, allowing your inner lustre, spark and joy to radiate from within.

You can read more about the benefits and what to expect in a session below.

IYS sets us free to be who we really are. If you have any enquiries please email: healings [at] shaktidurga.com. 

Transform your life today. Book a session with Shakti Durga. Healings are online or in person at Cooranbong NSW.


IYS Benefits

Removing stale, old energy held within our physical, mental and energetic subtle bodies can create a sense of freedom that can benefit your whole life, including…

  • Gains in energy and vitality
  • A sense of peace, inner happiness and love
  • A sense of freedom and lightness
  • Spiritual activation and awakening
  • Better loving relationships
  • Improved physical health and wellbeing
  • Opening to greater attainment, achievement and abundance
Ignite Your Spirit Therapy Shakti Durga

What to expect?

*IYS sessions are conducted online or in person (COVID restrictions permitting).

After a brief discussion, you sit in a relaxed state to have your energy scanned. The healing process assists to release any negative energies that have been perceived – including old patterns of thought and emotion – and to renew and enliven your spirit in the direction of the goals you have brought to work on.

All sessions are non-touch and last around 30 minutes. You may feel tingles as energy moves in your body. You may also experience a sense of lightness or even bliss as the session develops. In some cases, not much is felt during the session but afterwards you may notice your world has changed; it’s filled with ease and grace, your meditation is deeper and you feel more like your true self.

What people have to say about IYS…

Allergies Cured In One Session

“I have been suffering from allergies since I was a young child. They have caused stomach issues, chronic sinus infections, headaches, and many other problems. Recently diagnosed with a histamine intolerance, my body doesn’t break down histamine properly so it builds up in my body. This causes many symptoms such as rashes, an increase in asthma symptoms, insomnia, etc. When the histamine levels reached a level in my body I had a major allergic reaction; once requiring hospitalisation. Living like this was very scary; I never knew when this allergic response would occur. In one healing session with Shakti Durga she identified the energetic cause in my body. She gave me tools to use each day to prevent symptoms and to heal my body. Since that day I have been free of all of the symptoms. The daily rashes are gone. I am sleeping better. My asthma has improved, my stomach feels better than it ever has and I am no longer living in fear that something I eat could send me to the hospital.”

Stefanie, USA

Miraculous Relationship Renovation

“My first healing with Shakti Durga transformed a difficult relationship situation. Before the healing I was feeling emotionally drained, lost in the situation and without support or resources to make decisions about my next steps. In the healing I felt the confusion and mixed energy of the people involved lift from my body and mind. I felt like my lost self was rescued and lovingly restored and the energy draining me was returned.. I felt lighter, and was able to think more clearly. I became emotionally calm and I felt supported. This helped me to easily decided my next steps. I felt I was back to my old self again – only I was a better self. Thank you Shakti Durga. The healing was a wonderful and priceless gift.”

C. Curran, Lawyer, Sydney

Disc Healed

“I suffered for 18 months with 2 herniated discs, excruciating pain, unable to do any exercise or even bend and was in deep grief from my brother passing away. I had one healing with Shakti Durga after which the grief literally lifted from me and my back pain dissipated. My back is feeling better day by day, I am back doing yoga and the pain has almost gone. As a consequence I feel better emotionally as well as physically. My back had shown no signs of improvement whatsoever despite having weekly treatments of kinesiology, chiropracty, acupuncture, and pain medication. Absolutely miraculous.”

Helen, Sydney

Trauma Healed

“I was unexpectedly triggered to recall a childhood trauma and was struggling with some disassociation for a short time. Shakti Durga gently took me through this time, and assisted me to release myself from this. I felt safe, nurtured and completely respected. With weekly follow up sessions for 5 weeks, it was like the issue had never occurred. In my younger years I’d had extensive counselling for this and was unable to release the pain, I just suppressed it. The pain no longer exists, I have not had any further issues. Absolutely life changing therapy, I’m extremely grateful.”

Mel, Community Mental Health Worker, Cooranbong

Learn more about Energy Healing and IYS therapy

IYS is a deep, spiritual form of healing with shamanic elements which connect us to the world around us in sacred ways. It connects us with the Infinite in the flavour that feels most authentic to each person.

Participants commonly feel a sense of bliss and even one session can be life changing. Depending upon the situation, a range of educative and healing options will be presented to the client for use in their lives.

IYS is often best experienced in conjunction with any of the seminars of The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga, or The Consciousness Connection.

Enquire about IYS Healing

If you need help booking an IYS healing or you would like to speak to someone about the sessions, please leave a note here and one of our amazing team will get back to you.

Want to book an IYS healing with Shakti Durga

To enquire about available sessions, please use the button below to email us.

Enquire about IYS Healing

If you need help booking an IYS healing or you would like to speak to someone about the sessions, please leave a note here and one of our amazing team will get back to you.

Want to book an IYS healing with Shakti Durga

To enquire about available sessions, please use the button below to email us.