Heavenly Hawaii

by | 4 Mar, 2015

Explore the sacred energy of Heavenly Hawaii. Learn about Pele and the Shakti of this sacred Island.

Namaste, I am sitting in bed listening to the sounds of birds on a cool morning in heavenly Hawaii. Ganga, Maitreya, Hanumani, Sada and I are visiting the Big Island, preparing for a retreat here in May. Having heard about lava activity near the village of Pahoa, we wanted to come and assess the viability of the retreat, which is set to take place in a yoga and sustainability ashram just out of town.

What an amazing place it is. There is so much energy in everything. And while this is not uncommon in the tropics, here the elemental energy is incredibly easy to perceive.

Yesterday we visited a black sand beach, something I had been a bit reluctant about, thinking I would get all dirty. However the sand is pristine, like tiny black pearls instead of white ones. And on the beach were a family of giant sea turtles basking in the sun.

Sitting on the beach facing the water, I merged with the black sand and heard drumming. It was the clairaudient sound of the incredible energy of the island, and I can’t wait to run our retreat here.

We visited the volcano national park, where the Goddess Pele resides in the volcanic caldera (lava pool). The energy of the Devi as Pele was strong and permeated the entire area. Visiting a place not as a tourist but as Guru brings forth so much awareness and interaction with the forces of life. Pele was extremely easy to commune with, and I look forward to meditating further upon Her.

There are many craters on the majestic Kilauea volcano. It has been erupting continually since 1983. The size and scope of the volcanic activity and the dried lava fields is mind boggling. Over 600 hectares of new land formed from the last time there was a river of lava flowing through to the ocean. That flow ceased 5 years ago, and now the volcano quietly bubbles away, and up the other end of the crater one can safely walk out and experience the energy of pure creation going on beneath your feet. Spiritual communion has shown me that we are here to let go of our sense of separateness to the life force, and to expand into the creative essence of all life. This is a manifestation exercise on steroids! We intend to hold a meditation and flower ceremony in the dry bowl of an amazing inactive crater, to stimulate this creative sacred energy within us.

At times the volcano sends its lava down underground lava tubes which pop out at various places, mostly on the existing uninhabited lava fields, building yet another layer upon the 4,000 foot high volcanic shield. We will be walking through an old lava tube, with an easy short jungle walk to and from the main road.

It is amazing how the local people just accept lava as part of life. An historic small church was in the path of one of the flows so they picked it up and moved it to a new location. The occasional resident whose house is destroyed by lava simply waits a few months and then builds on it, the plants start to grow again out of the porous surface, and life goes on.

Local legend has it that the Goddess Pele always warns people if the lava will come near them, and there has always been time to evacuate. Yesterday we saw a flow of lava from late last year, which had stopped right at the fence of the rubbish and recycling treatment facility of the town. The lava was still a little warm, over a meter thick, and full of energy. It had destroyed a house across the road, but had flowed completely around another one leaving it untouched. Huge concrete and rock bunkers had been built around three power poles thought to be in the flow. The lava stopped well before them, and they are an eerie reminder of the realities of life here. And yet it is the most relaxed and peaceful region, with verdant greenery and friendly people. It reminds me of the North coast of NSW before there was so much development, so laid back, green, alternative and spiritual.

In Western mystical writing, kundalini Shakti is sometimes called the fire that flows and the water that burns. This is so applicable to lava, and the correspondence between the two is clear. This is a place of spiritual activation and opportunity, a tirtha ready made from which we can derive connection to the sublime Adi Shakti that creates all of life.

The yoga retreat centre where our retreat is to be held is across the road from the ocean. Access to the sea is not possible as there is a cliff. The property is quite large, with lovely walks from the cabins to the various facilities of the property including the pool, dining area and several teaching spaces.

Permaculture and jungle management combine in a profusion of plants, birds, small lizards and everywhere we looked there were flowers.

Tonight Maitreya and I are joining Venkateshwara/Vishaka and Janani Ma/Mary in kirtan at Hawaiian Sanctuary, a local yoga and permaculture centre.

Then tomorrow we start our journey home. Maitreya is staying on to do more kirtan and to spread the bliss.

While I am sad not to have more time to explore here on this mystical island, I am very glad to be coming home. And, I am glad to be coming back to Hawaii in May: perhaps you might want to come too!

Blessings and love,

Shakti Durga

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