How Do You Find Your “I Am-ness”?

by | 15 Mar, 2023

Access your higher self or “I am-ness” and move out of separateness into a profound state of beingness.

Every single person born into this world has the Divine inside them. Each person comes from the limitless unknowable Divine dimension. Their soul takes shape as geometries of light and sound in the soul realm. This is a realm which is at the same time immediate – accessible through every cell of our body – and also an incalculable distance away when we live in the thinking mind.

The soul and its emanations make up our mind, body and spirit. When we do spiritual practices that take us beyond the mind into deep peace, stillness or bliss, we have gone into that profound state of Self.

You will never find your I Am self in your mind. It does not operate in that environment. This is why learning spiritual practices that take us much deeper within are so valuable.

If you have the good fortune to have a spiritual teacher who shares with you methods to strengthen your connection to your higher soul, or gives you a boost on your journey, then you have a lot of grace. When the flame is lit, pass it on. Let your light be a beacon of hope in the world.

Your mind is important for processing practical life issues. But it is your higher soul that is asking for your attention, and which is the reason for your existence. You will deal with life in a much wiser way if you also listen for the still small voice within, that comes from a much deeper place.

By tuning into the deep, particularly if we do so on a daily basis, we are able to connect with all of creation, and step beyond our separateness, aloneness, beyond good and bad, better or worse. We come into a profound state of beingness. When we can bring more of that into daily life, everything is different. And yet to an observer we may look much the same.

Dare to be present to yourself, give yourself daily space to go within, don’t be attached to what happens, and sit in contemplation. It might help to do some breathing exercises before hand. Even just slowing down your breath, pausing between in and out breath, or chakral breathing, or any yoga breathing techniques you know, use them in moderation to help still your mind and then soar with the eagles.

Join us for Satsang, in person or online and learn more techniques to move out of seperateness.



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