How to React to Criticism and Judgement

by | 11 May, 2013

Learn how to deal with criticism and judgement from people in your life and live from your authenticity.

Whenever we do anything in life there will be people who agree with us and people who don’t. So, we may as well do what we feel is right given the information, energy and consciousness that we have at the time.

The way forward in life is never a straight line. There are twists and curve balls, unexpected events and intersections with people on other trajectories. How we deal with adversity, challenge and criticism may change our entire futures.

If we are dependent on others for approval, we may well bow to pressure from them to conform to what they think is right, rather than doing what we feel in our own hearts is right. By doing this we might live their path instead of our own. There is an opportunity cost to this, which is that we will never truly discover who we really are and what our highest purpose might be.

I am not advocating Egoic or belligerent imposition of our way on others, or a lack of skillfulness in explaining what we are doing if we are asked. I am not advocating that we ignore virtuous conduct or cop out in any way. We all have dharma to follow (the way our life unfolds as guided/governed by our soul). It is about engaging with the life force and being part of the plan of evolution that is occurring all over the world. We are brokering a new logic, a new paradigm of existence for the world. As we move toward this new place, many variables come into play in order for us to live an effective life. This includes our survival as well as self-esteem and respect, belonging, order and lawfulness, abundance, being attuned to people’s feelings, sustainability, being able to flex and flow, using both sides of our brain, and taking a global view of things. Life is complex. We have to figure it out for ourselves and try to do the right thing and always listen to our heart.

Assuming that we are being authentic to the best decision we feel that we can make at the time, other people’s opinions are none of our business. Shrug your shoulders, send them love and just keep moving.


Shakti Durga

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