Incredible India – More Love than you’ve ever Known

by | 15 Jan, 2015

Blessings from India

Well what can I say about our sublime trip to India, where we are in the presence of the Divine Mother for hours every day and constantly in Her inner aura? I hope you have been tuning in and surfing the waves of sublime vibration that we have encountered.

Our Council of Light retreat was intense and transformative, shifting elements of resistance and opening to more love. During the retreat we learned that a family member of one of the Council had a serious accident, and we spent a long time helping him through some critical stages of his treatment and intensive care as well as numerous surgical procedures. It is so miraculous that from India we can provide such strong energetic healing support to someone in Australia. Other family said that the recovery was nothing short of amazing, and that the accident and trauma staff had not expected such a quick series of gains in health. Jai Ma!

The main retreat arrived on 6 January, and we had prepared a welcoming ceremony with Maitreya playing guitar and the rest of us singing, hugging, gifting garlands and so on. There were many tears of joy as the rich energy hit home, and that was just getting off the bus!

Our retreat is called: More love than you have ever known. Last week while I was doing my own personal processing to enable me to lead the retreat, I was having some regrets about choosing such a ‘stupid’ name for a retreat: imagine what THAT is going to bring up! Luckily I am now very experienced in the cycles of spiritual awakening and know that acceleration requires a bit of processing and integration before a new level of peace and love is attained. So I was able to reassure myself that any resistant thoughts in my head, and stubborn resistant attitudes of which there were many, were not my considered position. I just made sure I told the Council of Light what I was going through, prayed to Amma to release all that and help me through it, and she has.

On the last night of our Council of Light retreat, Amma called me for a private audience. I had already climbed into my pyjamas and Ganga was washing and massaging my feet. A quick dash into something respectable and off I went, happy to know that my feet were super clean, something that is more difficult than you would think when at an Indian ashram, where most places are ‘shoes off’ zones.

I spent nearly two hours with Amma, who guided me through some intense spiritual practices and chanted with me, causing the Divine to actually appear in my ajna chakra, conscious Divine interaction, with so much bliss it was overwhelming. Since then all kinds of mystical adventures have occurred, which I know are the result of the profound blessings from Amma. I am so happy that I will have more to give and greater capacity to serve because of this transformation.

For the last two days Shanti Music has been playing kirtan during quite a bit of the Amma abhishekam program. Aside from the usual Bhajans (sacred song) section of the puja, we were asked to keep singing during the most sacred part of the ceremony, where Amma, having dressed and decorated Narayani, performs aarti and calls the Goddess to be fully present. Of itself that is an overwhelming thing to witness; being allowed to sing our music during that caused amazing blessings to rain down. Just a glance from Amma is sufficient to change one forever, and she turned and looked at us several times, with the Divine blazing in her eyes. Even the air seemed to be sizzling with Shakti!

That evening we walked the Star path, which is around 1.8 kilometers of beauty and parkland surrounding the Golden Temple. When we got to the Swarna Lakshmi statue, all of us felt the blaze of the Divine, and it was ‘blessings central’. We floated back home again afterwards.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of morning program, eating, sleeping, laughing, stories, singing, eating, chanting, puja program, sleeping, visiting temples, more puja, sleeping, healings, groups, eating, star path, shopping, sleeping, drinking chai, chatting, sleeping and more bliss and inner expansion every day.

This morning we were given the opportunity as a group to visit the walled private inner sanctuary where Amma lives in a huge park like setting complete with elephants, dogs, horses, swans, peacocks, small lakes, 450 cows and a huge tree nursery containing hundreds of thousands of seedlings and saplings. It is all so tranquil, the whole area is imbued with peace and stillness, a rare commodity in busy bustling India.

Tomorrow the retreat will be drawing to a close, with our last session on Tuesday morning. We will be bringing home such treasure within ourselves. We look forward to sharing it with you.
Blessings to you and your families.

Lots of love
Shakti Durga

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