Initiation Retreat Colorado

by | 2 Mar, 2017

The retreat revolved around themes of initiation and blessings, and I am definitely going to name some future retreats the same – ‘initiations, a journey into higher consciousness’ because it was so awesome! We explored some of the deeper realities of initiation, what it means and how we can utilise it more. We were also shown how with every initiation, which is a journey into higher consciousness, an Angel comes and attaches itself in loving service to the initiate to help strengthen and guide the initiate towards the ultimate outcome of self illumination. When we do not ‘work’ the initiation, when we just forget about it or turn away from the teacher, the Angel leaves. However this is not punitive, it is capable of being re-activated by conscious effort on our part.

We were also taught about the Christ, and how we are all on a pathway of Christ-ed-ness, whereby the dark assists us as a living class room to give us practice at being strong and resourceful, becoming people of faith and higher vision. Out of the problems comes sparks of golden light when we are able to stick to principles and higher teachings, bringing them alive by not being phased by opposition or negativity, staying virtuous, living by the spiritual laws and keeping love and compassion center stage in our hearts and minds.

During the retreat, of the 20 people present, a dozen or more had first initiation into Shanti Mission. Colorado based Shivani took discipleship and her husband received the spiritual name Ganesha. His spirit is so in tune with the mountains and with the bird life of the higher reaches. His passion is raptors, which includes eagles, owls and hawks. Ganesha has just joined a group who rescue and heal raptors, and so we did a puja where the blessings were sent to the raptors, and he did the offering to the nature sprites and devas who look after these particular parts of the Divine creation. It delights me that the service projects people in Shanti Mission are drawn to are so diverse. I hope to meet some raptors when we return in September for our waking up more love mountain retreat.

Namaste and blessings,

Shakti Durga



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