Cultivating Internal Power for Abundance

by | 15 Jan, 2021

Internal & External Power

For me, there are two kinds of power. One is internal power, which I’d call feminine or Yin and the other one is external power, which I’d call Masculine or Yang.

External power is the kind that depends on circumstances that are outside of us. It includes our class, wealth, position, seniority in office, social standing, media profile and so on. For millennia the external power-field was slanted against women, who were not really regarded as citizens. We had no voting rights, could not own property or hold public office, and were considered by and large to be the chattels of the father and then husband. It was impossible for a woman to have her own external or masculine power. So, all of her efforts needed to go to support her husband, who could hold that kind of power.

External power, whether it’s held by a man or a woman, demands that we adhere to the structured codes, rules of conduct and behaviour demanded by society.

When you lose the external circumstance, like losing your job, then by this yang paradigm of empowerment, you’ve lost your power. No one is going to jump anymore at your command: you are no longer in control. Because of this, there is a lot of stress associated with getting and holding onto external power. We feel like we have to control everything and everyone so that we can feel that we’re safe in the life we’ve created.

Internal or yin (feminine) power, which is relevant to wealth manifestation, is a capacity to be magnetic to good things.

It’s the optimism of a person who has deep trust and faith within themselves and for all of life. It’s there irrespective of the external factors, nothing diminishes it. We don’t have to struggle to stay in control of others because inside we’re filled with a bubbling wellspring of energy, connectedness and trust in the flow of life.

Meditation, spending time in nature and slowing down are all ways we can increase our Yin power, and by extension, our ability to attract wealth into our lives.

Shakti Durga.



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