Life on Earth – Journeying with the Elements

by | 28 Mar, 2023

Our life takes place on the cross of matter, or the intersection of fire, earth, air and water. Seeking a balance in the elements both physically and metaphysically will contribute to a better life.

Have you ever contemplated the nature of the Earth from an elemental point of view? If we are not really thinking about it, naturally, because of the name, when we think of Earth, we think of the earth element, right? It’s solid. Well, yes and no. Mainly no.

Earth is more liquid than solid. If you think about the surface of Earth, there’s a greater amount of water than there is actual solid ‘earth’. Beneath the surface is the thin solid crust, and science has found that there is a small inner core of the Earth which is solid as well. It is blazing hot solid iron, thought to be as hot as the sun. Around the core is a liquid outer core, comprised of liquid iron and nickel, which flows. The mantle, existing between the earth’s crust and the core, has mainly the consistency of either liquid, or runny tar on a hot day. This is where lava comes from. The mantle of the Earth comprises 84% of the Earth’s mass. When we add in the water in the oceans and the atmosphere, and in animals including humans, liquid by far exceeds solid as we understand our physical planet.

The solid state is associated with that which is unchanging. Like a mountain, or an ancient desert, it takes millennia for substantial change to occur. Water on the other hand is much more subject to change. It has to do esoterically with our emotional body. Our emotional body is incredibly powerful, more powerful very often than airy thought. Emotion can disrupt our plans and cause us to divert from our mind born intentions, as we get side tracked by strong feelings.

When we think about all of the issues and problems on Earth right now, somehow I feel better knowing that the Earth is mainly watery, She will flow with change much more readily than we may have thought.

Emotion can sabotage us. However, when well handled, it can also inspire us, and help us to rise above old issues and problems, for instance because of a feeling of motivation, or a desire to help. We are wise to develop tools and skills to ensure we harness the power of emotion to bring goodness and beauty into our earthly lives, rather than becoming subjected to emotion’s random flow.

Optimising our emotional state will help us to engage in a beneficial way with the Earth and all that our earthly life entails. This is mainly a function of our heart. Interestingly, the words heart and earth are precisely the same letters, rearranged.

Back to the elements – there’s fire in the earth, there’s heat beneath our feet. And there’s an airy atmosphere around the earth that is part of the body of the Earth, the biosphere, the stratosphere. There’s also gas contained within the earth. So, it’s not really true to say that the Earth itself is a representative of the earth element. She is a balance of all elements, with liquid being predominant in Her body just as it is in ours. Let’s meet Her with a radiant heart, and help to light up our world.



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