Tuning into the Inner Realms & 3 Ways to Awaken Your Kundalini

by | 27 May, 2022

An ordinary, average energy body will only be able to detect a small amount of data, whereas a large and developed energy field can detect a whole lot more. It is similar to the difference between the signals able to be received by a simple television antennae and a huge satellite dish.

When I first became interested in energy healing after a miraculous shift in wellbeing, I was not able to perceive very much subtle energy at all. I really felt like the class idiot when others were seeing and feeling, hearing and sensing things and I could not. Being quite a stubborn and determined person, I figured that if I stuck at it, I might be able to learn. With help, I realised that I was seeing energy rather than feeling it, and then I started to feel it too. This was very exciting! In the immediacy of healing sessions, I could check out what I was perceiving with a client, and often what I felt or saw made more sense to them than it did to me.


Now after all these years of practice, my energy field is very sensitive to all kinds of energy and consciousness, which helps me enormously in my work as a healer and spiritual teacher. I think it helps me to be a better human being. What is more, if someone as rationally minded as me can learn to do this, anyone can.

Here’s 3 ways to become more sensitive to the inner realm and Life Beyond Form:

  1. Build the Chakras – If we want to be able to tune into life beyond form, we need large upper chakras in order to do it. Any form of meditation will help to awaken the subtle structures of the crown and ajna chakra. Practicing regularly with specific chakra focused meditations will be highly beneficial.
  2. Apply Love and Compassion – All forms of love, kindness, compassion and service to others help us to develop the very important heart chakra. This in turn will enable us to have experiences that those who have not developed their sensitivity to energy will be unable to imagine. To them, none of it is real. Practice applying love to all situations and you will be amazed at how things flow, if you can be patient and consistent with it. Don’t give up! Find your power to love.
  3. Work with a Spiritual Teacher whose energy body is large, strong and clear, and around whom you feel peace, bliss and love. When it comes to waking the boundless kundalini it is preferable to do so with someone who has already been through layer after layer of awakening, so that you can derive the benefits of their guidance in understanding the unfolding of spiritual things that are not part of our mainstream culture at this time in history.

Join us for Life Beyond Form…


When we develop our etheric body, we are able to receive psychic impressions far more easily and consciously than we can normally. We are then able to enter into fields of exploration beyond the purely physical, yet we experience the results of our work in the grounded practical experience of our physical world. We can explore our past lives, feel the living spirit of sacred places, meet our spirit guides, call forth resources from our higher soul and live a richer and more fulsome life both in and beyond physical form.

Join us for Life Beyond Form a 5 session online course – starts July 23rd 2022! Explore consciousness, the inner world and Kundalini Shakti.  Register here.



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