Letter From China

by | 18 Jul, 2018

Greetings from China, where we have been having a wonderful time. We are staying in a hotel on the edge of a big lake, with acres of gardens and forest, temples, shrines and hotels nestled into the greenery. We just finished teaching Empowering Relationships in a brand new way, they pulled in big blessings, see how happy they look.

We met people from all parts of China and there was lots of bonding. Shiva was part of our teaching team to the delight of everyone. We did lots of mantra meditation blessings and they were so enthusiastic about it all, including the dancing. Vidya so got his groove on!

It really is true that people everywhere are searching for love, even when we don’t yet realize that is what is eluding them. And when we feel it, it is such a joy. Love really is a universal language.

I hope you enjoy these few beautiful pictures Hanumani took during the retreat, including evidence that we had a most unlikely drummer! We are looking forward to seeing you when we are home again.

Shakti Durga, sacred musician

Om Shanti, Shakti Durga




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