Letter from Wells

by | 11 Jun, 2017

Exploring the sacred sites of Wells.

First we visited the cathedral which was splendid and amazing architecturally. We were told about the chapter house up a stone stairway, which was a largish round stone room where in the old days the bishop tried cases and collected taxes. It was effectively the court house, with natural acoustics by which everyone could be heard all the way through the large space. The guide told us we could sing in there so of course we did, and it was amazing.

Then we went and found the garden in which the sacred wells are to be found, in the garden of the Bishop’s palace.  No longer in use as a residence, it is now a community space where weddings and other events are held, and the public can go through it for a small charge, which also includes access to the magnificent gardens.

We wound our way through roses and other beautiful flowers, through a gate in the wall and over a moat, across an old wooden and stone bridge guarded by a huge weeping willow tree, and then we were in the vicinity of the water gushing silently up out of the ground into a series of pools.  Fast flowing water then cascaded down small declines and filled the moat before flowing through the town. On average 4 million gallons of water flow from the springs every day.

As we addressed the Goddess directly, She came alive, so glorious and blissful.  She merged with a number of us and it was easy to perceive the geysers of silvery golden energy shooting up all around us in this ancient sacred place.

While the Goddess is not venerated per se in this predominantly Christian landscape, it is clear that the Earth and nature are loved and well tended here.  And as the Devi’s body includes the Earth and Nature, inadvertently She is being loved and thus Her beauty grace and energy have been retained.  She sleeps most of the time, giving forth gentle feelings of peace and wellbeing, beauty and grace, until someone arrives who is devoted to Her and recognizes Her, at which time She is vast and magnificent. I can still recall the energy that blazed up, in a manner that was at the same time soft and gentle, strong and vibrant. This is definitely going to be a place to return to, and to visit any time we are in England.

On our final morning en route to central London, Gayatri and I returned to the sacred garden to say goodbye to the Goddess, and again we received big blessings and activations.

It seems clear that codes of Divine illumination are buried in the Earth in diverse locations and clothed in many different raiments of light, energy, culture and tradition.  How fortunate are we to be able to have access to so many of them, what a blessed life!

Om Shanti

Shakti Durga

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