Life Beyond Form

Exploring Consciousness, the Inner World and Kundalini Shakti

On the spiritual path we recognise that there is more to life than that which is limited to the physical plane. We know that some kind of inner world exists, but perhaps we are a bit hazy about what is really going on in this vast interior landscape.

The other planes of existence are teaming with life. The intention of this program is to introduce you to what you might expect to find on the inner world, and how to open to inner experiences in a safe and contemplative way.

DETAILS: Online Course


START DATE: 23 July, 2022

COST: $360 / $180

Inner Plane Essentials

Life Beyond Form 2 Shakti Durga

Shakti Durga draws on a wide range of teachings and modalities to synthesise a rich cosmology of ancient wisdom and modern practices.


  • What are angels, how do we connect with them?
  • How do we cultivate our Intuition?
  • What lies beyond the physical world?
  • What is the Ancient spiritual festival of Samhain?
  • What happens when we die?
  • How do mediums speak with the Departed?
  • What are near death experiences?
  • What is the force that sits behind consciousness, and how do we become more awakened and discerning?
  • What does purification mean in a spiritual context and why should I know about this?

You will discover the mysterious world of Kundalini, the miraculous bliss producing Divine essence that exists within every person. Using a mythological tale from Ancient India, we will explore the journey of awakening and self-empowerment, set against the backdrop of the broader world setting of the play of light and dark.

This play of light and dark takes place both on the physical and the inner world. Learning how to stay safe and protected is one of the foundation skills of a mystic, whether in ancient or modern times. During Life Beyond Form we deepen our recognition of the hallmarks of true guidance. Learn to distinguish between the voice of your soul and the voices of opportunistic, self-serving or confusing energies and beings.

Our ability to perceive the wonders of the inner world is limited to the extent of the activation of our inner Divine radiance. Known as Kundalini Shakti, this boundless, profound force of Universal Consciousness sits dormant within all sentient beings. We can connect with it in a variety of ways, and in this seminar we will see how to do so in a safe manner by gentle blessings and activations of the chakras.

An entire session will be devoted to Angelic beings, and a guided shamanic journey with the Archangels will be part of the experience. We will look at the power of mantra and the Angels associated with the mantras we work with.

Life Beyond Form - Shakti Durga 9

Learn to appreciate the relevance of an inner plane team of guides, teachers and friends, and the priceless role that a spiritual master or Guru can play in our lives. We will look at the power of mantra and the Angels associated with the mantras we work with

This short course with Shakti Durga is a priceless opportunity to dip your toe safely into areas of wisdom that have been closely guarded through the ages.

Travellers on the journey of self-Illumination…

This program is most suited to spiritual seekers looking for a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.

The Spiritual Path with Shakti Durga 2

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