Making Decisions

by | 18 Nov, 2016

Don’t let fear immobilise you.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel scared lots of things seem impossible? But when you are in a good mood or feeling up, then it seems like you can do all kinds of things. Which version of reality is true? Whichever one you choose.

If you are feeling stuck, scared, confused, not sure what to do next, it is time to work at feeling liberated and expanded again. Whatever your spiritual practices might be, do them! Meditate, get a healing, attend Sacred Ceremony (puja), or go enjoy yourself doing something wholesome and fun. Inspiration will strike and you will know how to proceed.

Don’t let fear immobilise you, or stop you from making decisions. What we decide to do when our energy is all contracted is rarely the correct or most enlightened route. Pray, activate, energize, lift, decide, do!Blessings on you and upon the winding road of discovery upon which we all travel.

Shakti Durga



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