Meditation Tips

by | 13 Oct, 2022

Do you ever have any difficulty getting established in a meditation practice?

Even after 30 years or more of meditating, there are days where it just takes a little while to get established in that deep place of connection that meditation brings.

Here’s a couple of things you can try if that happens:

  1. Gyan Mudra – Mudra is a body posture adopted in order to redirect the flow of energy from one place to another. You’ve probably seen in yoga classes or in meditation, images of the Gyan Mudra, where the top of the thumb and the forefinger are touching and your fingers face up on both hands. This will help direct energy into the upper chakras. And this automatically helps you to attain to a meditative state bit more easily.
  2. Khecarī Mudra –  The other one you can use is Khecarī Mudra, again from the yoga tradition. You roll your tongue up and over so that the underside of your tongue is against the roof of your mouth. This mudra connects one of the largest meridians in your body and again, it will help you establish yourself in meditation.
  3. Breathe Deep – Along with that, I would try keeping your breath slow and deep, with the out breath longer than the in breath. Centre yourself in the Ajna Chakra or the third eye area between the eyebrows.
  4. Thoughts Upon a Leaf –  You’ll probably hear your mind or sense your mind, feel your mind at this point. It will come up with all kinds of thoughts because that’s its job. So, rather than getting frustrated with your mind, just thank it for the amazing job it does and imagine that you’re floating down a river, the river of life,  the river of energy and that you can pluck that thought out and put it on a leaf that’s floating along next to you and deal with it later.  And that’s what you do every time. As another thought comes up, you just pluck it out, put it on a leaf, let it flow down the river. Breathe and go within. Just bring your mind back to your ajna chakra, and breathe.

Try that and see how you go. I recommend that no matter what type of meditation you practice, that you leave a little time at the end for silent contemplation, where you just sit with yourself in the silence of your own being. Over time, you’ll find that you’re likely to have some very beautiful experiences, even though it may take a little while for that to become established. But in the meantime, just the practice of bringing your mind back to a calm place, brings a raft of physiological benefits that by themselves make any effort towards meditation worthwhile.

If you would like to try out a meditation yourself, you can try these prerecorded meditations – this one or this one.  Or join one of our live upcoming Spiritual Path Meditation sessions here.



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