Merging with the Divine through Love

by | 17 Jun, 2017

The Yoga of Love

I am here in Glastonbury, having had a good trip to London via Abu Dhabi. It was great to see my beloved daughter Gayatri, though jet lag got me last night and I have no idea what we discussed! This morning I was awake early, and plan to visit Chalice Well and Glastonbury Abbey today, as well as meet up with various of the Shanti Mission community who are also here in Glastonbury.

While waiting for daytime in my head to catch up with daytime here in the south west of Britain, I decided to google Glastonbury and saw with great delight the website of Shekinashram. They have a great page on Bhakti Yoga and I thought I would share with you their Vedic teaching on 9 angas or limbs of the yoga of love. This expression of the teaching comes from Krishna consciousness. Here is what they say: (for more see their website ).

“Nine Angas of Bhakti
Typically the spiritual practices of Bhakti Yoga are principally comprised of nine angas or limbs:

1. Sravanam – Listening to Spiritual Topics

2. Kirtanam – Singing the Holy Names

3. Smaranam – Remembering the Divine

4. Archanam – Worshipping the Divine

5. Pada Sevanam – Serving the Lotus Feet of the Divine

6. Vandanam – Prostrating

7. Dasyam – Always acting as the Servant of God

8. Sakhayam – Considering God to be our best Friend

9. Atma Nivedanam – Full Self Surrender to God”

What does each of these mean to you?
What can you practice from this list today?

Enjoy the contemplation of this lovely list, knowing that each one of them will help us in our Eternal quest.

Namaste and blessings,

Shakti Durga



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