Miraculous story from Evergreen, Colorado

by | 1 Mar, 2017

Engagement ring miraculously moves.

I am writing to you sitting in front of a fire in Evergreen, Colorado.
This is an hour or so from Denver in the Rocky Mountains. Our mountain chalet where the retreat is about to commence this morning is situated at 8,000 feet above sea level. The air is thin and dry, as is common in mountain areas. Every view from every window is like a post card, with snow-covered mountains, green fields and lots of pine trees and aspens. It is still winter, however this week has seen unseasonably beautiful weather, with the sun shining and mild temperatures well above the usual freezing conditions of February. I first came to Colorado as a young lawyer 30 years ago, fell in love with it then, skied here many times over the years and am so happy to be here again in such a lovely part of the world to help establish Shanti Mission Colorado.

Yesterday was a day of healings and laya yoga, with a wonderful group of people most of whom have done a ton of spiritual work already. We had a rich session and the Divine was present in a big way. During the session a strange thing happened. A woman who had recently become engaged had decided not to wear her engagement ring on the left hand because she and her beloved had agreed they had a bit of inner work to do before becoming really engaged. Thus, she had it on her right hand and another ring on her left hand, which was a bit small for her and very difficult to remove. During the session, the rings traded places. She was shocked, and had no explanation as to how this could have occurred, particularly as the other ring was too tight to get over her knuckle. We could all feel the presence of the Divine in this episode. The ring, which had been designed by her fiancé so that it would be worn in a particular way on the finger, turned itself upside down when it appeared on her left hand. Overnight the further meaning of this event was revealed to her, with a new interpretation of her life and relationship being shown to her.

Blessings from on high – literally, and may your life be filled with the miraculous.


Namaste, Shakti Durga

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