Modern Medicine Is Divine

by | 22 Aug, 2014

Healing with Medicine and the Divine

How lucky are we to live in a time when we not only have the benefit of traditional and vibrational medicines but also the incredible advances in science and western medicine that alleviates so much suffering?

If we ask a medical person what is healing, many would answer that healing is bringing wellness to the body and they would talk about medication, surgery, tests, regular exercises and good diet. If we ask a Guru, healing means something much wider. ‘Healing’ includes the usual physical and mental ending of disease but our spirit is also part of who we are and it doesn’t matter how well our body might be if our spirit is sick. People with perfectly healthy bodies sometimes even take their own lives because their spirit is not well.

Sometimes we think that these different types of healing are better than or inferior to each other. No! They all come from the Divine. The ability to heal is something that comes from the soul, working through the physical body. And at the end of the day, it is the spirit or energy within the body, and the Divine spirit which enables us to actually heal. People who need to take regular medications can think of it as ‘Durga in a pill’. Both myself and my senior disciples utilise all kinds of spiritual and medical healing and believe that it can be brought into harmony through expansion of consciousness amongst all concerned. If we have to have surgery, remember that the consciousness of the doctor is enabled by Maha Shakti. This is the power to learn and the power to practice the healing art.

The doctor through his or her wisdom can create better circumstances through which the body can heal and this is wonderful. Bless your doctor, follow advice as well as your guidance, take your medicine, and be grateful for the relief and balance that it brings. And don’t forget to pray. Try energetic healing as well, as this helps to clear any blockages to the healing process on spiritual level.

Om Shanti!

Shakti Durga

If you haven’t yet tried a healing, find out more about this HERE.



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