Mountain retreat Colorado – Waking up more Love

by | 17 Feb, 2017

Awaken the Divine within the Earth

Yesterday Lakshmi Ananda, Chamundai and I went to visit the resort in Beaver Creek, Colorado where we will be running our retreat from 24 September to October 1st 2017. We looked at how beautiful it all was, then walked to the nearby village of Beaver Creek, which is quite European looking and charming. Then, we tuned into why it was that the retreat was being held here, during such a powerful time as Navaratri?

Durga arose in my consciousness and said that the nature sprites and devas of the area need some help, that the area is in need of spiritual awakening to promote a higher consciousness in all living beings here, and to then promote new ways of balance between all parts of nature and humanity. Durga reminded me that she is also Parvati, she who was born of the mountains. Durga is going to do things during our week to wake up more than just the mountains, she is activating some energies that affect the entire planet, and the planet’s place in the galaxy and greater Universe.

We are coming to the mountains to be conduits through which the Divine wakes them up, just as Mount Kailash, Uluru and parts of Sedona are awake. Durga has given guidance about this. Thus, we are going to do it during Navaratri, which is one of the most powerful times for Durga, Parvati and the mountain energies.

We will also be looking at heart math derived work, seeing how when we are in our hearts and in a state of love, what is created is a toroidal field of energy that is a thousand times stronger electrically and five thousand times stronger magnetically than the field of energy created by the brain. Is it any wonder mystics of all ages who seek connection with all that is, have focused attention on the heart? And what do you suppose happens in a culture where the heart is shut down and the toroidal flow of energy that connects us to everything ceases to operate? And what effect does this have on our surroundings, on nature, on the weather?

In this retreat we will be looking at how to activate our light bodies, in turn this then puts us into the necessary state of consciousness to be able to effectively activate the Earth energies not just on our retreat, but which can be repeated wherever we go. It is an exploration of the effect of unity and the strength of deliberate loving intent to raise consciousness and bring a new reality into physical manifest Earthly form.

Won’t you come and share in a life-changing, planet affecting series of spiritual activations and initiations that are both personal and transpersonal. Even if you were not thinking of putting this retreat in your agenda before, I hope you will now.

Blessings and love, Shakti Durga

If you would like to join Shakti Durga on a spiritual adventure, click here to see where she is going next.



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