Nature As Teacher

by | 21 Sep, 2020

Nature as Teacher

The ancient sages, great spiritual masters, realised the profound teachings that were later written down as the Vedas by meditating upon nature. Imagine that!  One of the reasons I have enjoyed so much spiritual travel over the past 15 years is because I love to listen to the song of nature in various countries, where the frequencies are different, and where ancient wisdom is stored waiting for us to discover it.

To the ancient mystics, consciousness, God, Nature, self, relationships, all of creation is seen as alive and interconnected. Nothing stands separate. We are capable of interacting with nature just by paying attention.

As we pay attention to nature, we learn about the sacred way of grace, within the kaleidoscopic potential of unique habitats, ecosystems and lives.

To commune with the elements, the forests and oceans, as well as your house plants and pets, helps you to find happiness and love, to find yourself, and cherish life and everyone around you.

In the Kabbalah it teaches that one cannot become fully enlightened in any other realm than the physical one; that we need to be grounded and practical in the world of form, and connected with what it teaches, before the final mysteries are revealed and the doors of the Divine Kingdom open.

In the present circumstances we cannot go travelling all over the globe to commune with the world’s sacred places and hidden knowledge. However we can still keep our dance with consciousness moving forward. All you have to do is go within and connect with nature wherever you are.

Shakti Durga


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